Monday, December 12, 2005


Is nothing sacred?

NEW YORK -- "South Park" has proved again that nothing's sacred.

The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights is condemning an episode of "South Park" that it said "defiled" the Virgin Mary.

The cartoon, which runs on Comedy Central, features an episode this week titled "Bloody Mary," in which a South Park character claims to have been sprayed with blood from a body orifice of a Virgin Mary statue. When Pope Benedict investigates, he declares that she's just having her period.

The Catholic League is urging the board of Viacom, which owns Comedy Central, to apologize to Catholics and stop the episode from airing the next several nights as scheduled.

The Catholic League notes that Viacom board member Joseph Califano is a practicing Catholic, and that Thursday was the church's feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary.

I can't say that am offended by this but I understand why Catholics would be since Mary is an iconic figure in the religion.Interestingly,I saw a poll where 66% of the respondents felt that the episode should be allowed to air this week.What say you all?

air it
Not a big fan of South Park, not a big fan of the Catholic Church, but seriously: Air it. 1. If they're good Catholics, they shouldn't be watching South Park int he first place, so why would their asses get offended? 2. What? The Catholic Church is going to crumble ove this? 3. God forbid the truth would come out: that Mary was a real woman who got her period. Seriously!
To escritora: Mary is not just a woman to the Catholics, she's their bridge to God. She's sacred to them. And about "good Catholics" not watching South Park. Suppose someone did a lewd parody about your mother. They could simply tell you don't watch it, couldn't they?
Freedom of speech allows them to air it. If mainstream media submits to the complaints of every self interest group, then they won't be anything showing on TV.
I was raised Roman Catholic, so I understand the situation. I am also a Southpark fan, and I believe in 'freedom of expression.' I'm sure I would simultaneously laugh and be offended by that episode. People feel better about themselves when they ridicule what they don't believe or understand, it's not morally right, but it's human nature. Sheltering people from other's alternative morals, ideals, or opinions does nothing to help them; it is akin to book burning and censorship. To function as a well-adjusted adult, one has to be exposed to all sides of an issue and have the freedom to make up your own mind as to how you feel about it. Likewise, locking the liquor cabinet and slapping a chastity belt on your daughter will not prepare your children to handle the world around them. Everyone does not live by the same moral code. Groups of people who live in glass houses should not throw stones...
If you wish, as a country, to promote 'freedom of speech' and separation of church and state, then as long as the program fits within the guidelines set by the governing bodies, it should be allowed to be aired... Leon has a fair point, but is comparing apples to oranges, anyone can talk about your mother, they'd just better be ready to deal with your retaliation. The Catholic rights group is welcome to air a programme ridiculing Trey and Matt...
Trouble said it well.

I am Catholic (but one who is not frequently in church)...nevertheless, I do not watch South fact I scarcely watch TV. What is described here does not offend me personally.

To answer your original question of whether anything is still sacred, I'd say very little....particularly in the 'Western' World.
Hey Missy,

I know of South Park, I watch the show sometimes...but for me they are a bit on the vulgar side.

I am not surprised by any of this where they are concerned.

They are to much.

I have always thought that even if you don't believe in anothers religion, you should at least respect it. It should not show. They can sell it on DVD and who ever wants it can go and buy it.
I agree with Da Immigrant... it would be rude to insult any religion in this manner. I am Christian, and would probably get a little steamed if I happened to see that episode (not that I'm a regular South Park viewer). I don't know about not airing it, since some people may find it funny... but I don't appreciate the writers for coming up with the idea in the first place.
some people go a bit too far with their 'parody' at some point a line must be drawn.
I understand why they find it offensive but I think it's kind of funny when the Catholic Church gets all bent in a twist over morals and such.
not a south park and a a former catholic, but i think it'd be wrong andd very offensive to air the episode.
The Catholic Church have bigger problems than that. I will leave it there.
Hmmm... You know, if Jesus doesn't lick down the TV station with thunder and lightning, why should we be worrying so much about it? Such a deed would be well within His power, nuh true? But He stays His hand. Leave the people who wrote the cartoon and who decided to air it to God. Who want to watch it, go ahead. It can't hurt God's power any... Rather than make so much noise about how they shouldn't show the cartoon, Catholics should spend their time praying for the immortal souls of everybody involved in the production of that cartoon. After all, God can take care of Himself, and of Mary too...
No worries. Hakuna Matata...
I'm more offended by the Pope's Prada slippers myself. South is stupid and completely unfunny. Who cares?
Sounds like funny well thought out satire to me.
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