Friday, December 09, 2005


Family Photo

Something to make you smile.Enjoy the weekend

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Some family photo alright...looks like the dogs are busy trying to create their own family! LOL!
Seems the dogs got the right idea! ;-)
greetings from spain
this picture are geniously!!!
I finally translate my love poems and I invites you and all your friends to visit me

The little girl in the picture is her expression because of the dogs???

The dogs in the background getting they groove on big time!!

Whew....Have a great weekend gurl.

This is a wild picture indeed! LOL! I love it! Have a great weekend.
Dogs are so nasty, aren't they?
OMG!!!! LMAO...I cannot believe this got caught in the photo. I must email this to my friends, LOL
Sable-the dogs are just being dogs:)
Who let the dogs out!!!
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