Monday, December 26, 2005


D Day After

Hey all-Just checking in to say that I had a great day.I went to the early service at 7am which I really didn't feel like going to but my friend came to pick me up which meant the decision was taken out my hands.I wasn't sorry I went because the sermon was uplifting and the hymns were chosen were the cheery Christmas type.They didn't sing my favorite-It came upon a midnight clear,but you can't have it all.

Got back home around 8.45 ,opened presents and just lazed about the house.Speaking of presents the best part of it was looking at Chelsea's face as she opened her gifts.I swear the child looked as if she was going to die with the wonder of it all especially when she opened a gift that I had previously told her wasn't hers.You know how children like to snoop and see things that they were not meant to see ahead of time.It meant I had to tell her it was for somebody else and naturally I was public enemy nos 1,2,3 and you get the picture.It was really fun and heartwarming to see the range of emotions play across her face.Children,you just gotta love them!

Then,it was off to my aunt's house for a family get together.It was really good,although I miss my brother and grandmother a lot this time of year but nevertheless they were there in spirit.And before I forget I can treat the blogworld to a round of drinks courtesy the EC$1000 or approx US 375 that I won on Christmas Eve in a supermarket draw.Am I lucky or what!.

Anyway,y'all continue to enjoy the rest of the season.

Sounds like you had a wonderful Xmas!
You are like me, once the kid is happy then I am satsified that it was all worth it.
Now how do I get my drink from you? Send me a bottle of di best Vincentian rum on de island!
Ok,one bottle of Sunset Strong coming up:)
Glad to hear your day was good.

I made my son believe he had no presents this year for Xmas. When he saw his gifts he exploded....the child was so happy, he made my day! *smile*

I second De Imm...when do I get my bottle!?!? *wink*

Wha you goin do, Fed Ex de drinks? ;)
Just dropping by to say that I hope that you had a VERY Merry Christmas and that your New Year will be blessed!
Congrats on your win......I.ll send you the address for my gift in the email...:)
congrats on the win. sounds like you had a fun christmas
Hey ma!
Mi still inna di land a di living...sorry for not visiting your spot in a while. Internet is spotty.

God bless in 2006!!
Glad you had a nice Christmas. I'll be wanting a Long Island Iced Tea.

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Thanks Nic

Hey Soli girl,how's life treating you?
You had an active holiday! Keep enjoying yourself.
So who is Chelsea? See I am fassing in your business.
My friend's daughter but she spends more time at me than with her mommy
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