Wednesday, December 14, 2005


And now some controversy

The Elections have come and gone but in its aftermath the Opposition has cited numerous irregularities that they claim cost them victory in at least three of the marginal seats.So come today the Opposition takes to the street for their first protest march.

Frankly,I find all the grandstanding annoying and counter productive.What is it about politicians that make them so unwilling to accept results that are unfavorable to them? I recall in 1998,the ULP won 7 seats to the NDP's 8 and in the process gained the majority of the popular vote.Smarting from their defeat(they were sure they were going to win) they vowed to make the country ungovernable and what followed were a series of protests actions that eventually led to the ruling party's collapse in 2001.

Don't get me wrong as am not saying that the Opposition does not have the right to query inconsistencies.No system is fool proof and any glitches must be addressed if you want to attain a system that inspires confidence.But why not just take the matter to court and await a ruling if you feel so strongly about the matter?

From my vantage point it seems more than a little odd that the only places where irregularities took place were in the marginal seats.To me that sets up a scenario where the allegations can be viewed as a deliberate sabotage of candidates.Never mind that the observers gave the elections a passing grade.The funny thing is the constituency that the ULP wanted to win the most was one they lost.One would think that they would have ensured that a victory would have been recorded there.Looks like some fun times are ahead on the Vincentian political scene and it seems Christmas can barely get a chance to make its presence felt.

politics is always controversy. still sometimes there is some truth to these irregularities and well while I dont know if protest action ever solves anything neither do the courts usually
Yup the protests are more likely to bring better results than the court case. Which court or Judge would take away an election from the ruling government? in a court you need evidence and that means ppl who live in these small societies having to risk a lot to testify to irregularities.

The protests will take long but once one has a crictical number of people behind them they are more likely to be successful...just like it did in 2001.
I agree with Jdid, and Thandie protest are a sure way to make a statment and it just might play right into their hands.

Going to court might take longer they probably feel the more support they have the quicker things might get done.

To me it's all a bunch of nonsense, I don't think it will change the outcome at all...just cause a heaping set of problems!

And for what?!?!

I hate politics...
We should all just govern ourselves :)
I guess any possible irregularities could only change the result in the ones with the close finish, like 2000 in Florida!
Agree with Ri.

Some ole crap wherever in the world one goes!
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