Wednesday, November 16, 2005



That's been the theme of the last two days as a tropical wave/depression made its presence felt.By the time it had left us seven homes were totally destroyed,several damaged,multiple landslides and damage to the roads were recorded.Unfortunately, in Bequia two fishermen perished when a rock slide trapped them in the cave where they were fishing.

A number of business places including the airport and some schools were also flooded with at least one remaining closed on Tuesday.The annoying feature of the rainstorm was the way we kept losing power-it would go off,come on for a few minutes only to disappear again.I wonder how many appliances were damaged by the power surges and if the homeowners will even be compensated since they would have to prove the Power Co was responsible.

But,do you know that despite all the rain the party faithfuls turned up on Sunday to the ULP's rally that presented all the candidates to the people.I say these people deserve a medal for standing up for hours in cold and damp conditions to listen to politicians rhetoric.It shows we can be really dedicated if we want to.If only there was some way to transfer love of party into love of country we would definitely be better off as a nation,won't we?

Proving the power company's responsible is akin to proving your wife is wrong in an arguement...

Hope you don't get washed away.
Well it seems like all of us are plagued by the same weather system.
Just do you best to stay safe and dry. As for the electrical appliances, I doubt any compensation will be available.
Sorry to hear about the damage and loss of life...seems most of the Caribbean got suppem dis year. The system is supposed to pass south of us by weekend, hopefully it will stay far away and not cause too much havoc.

Politicians will do just about anything to to win votes. Somehow, I like you can't understand how people haven't learned by now that all dem chat is propaganda...nuff words, no action...once you gimme your vote! Sigh.
And yeah....doh look for the power company to tek nuh responsibility.
Ditto. Same as above. By the time you and Dr. D are drying off from Gamma we might be getting wet. We will be the last before it heads north or west. Or hopefully it will dissipate before it gets to this side of the wata.
seems like serious rain everywhere. we had rain from monday afternoon straight through till midday today
I'm so sick of rain. My backyard borders a river and I'm surprised that my house hasn't flooded yet.
Gamma, Gamma, go away,
Kami and all the Vincentians want to come out to play.

Keep your powder dry, Kami!
I heard that it did Trini real bad too. It has been sunny here for the most part, today was so damn hot! I hope that depression doesn't hit here in Jamaica.
AB - At least you didn't get poured on tonite, I looked like I pissed myself by the time I got home. LOL
Politics stops for neither rain nor shine...
raining or not, ever after shines the sun!! :-)
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yes the rain is was pouring here yesterday!
Abi -Sorry to hear about your bad weather. It's been nuts here in Philadelphia the last couple of days. Yesterday was warm about 70 degrees. Today we're in the low 40's. Man it's cold!

Thanks for the comment on JBI. :)
girl the same thing happening here my mom and sisters got cut off by floods the roads were inpassaable if that is a word but at least its cosy at night wink! wink!
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