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Remember doing this growing up ritual? That boy is a bit young but it was a common thing amongst teenage boys and some precocious Junior 5/Grade 6 boys.In secondary schools boys refined it to using mirrors or placing themselves in strategic positions whenever girls were using the stairs.In some cases the young cute teachers were targeted as well. Bringing back memories? You can confess:)Anyway,it was always fun listening to stories from girls who went to coed secondary schools.

Friday,I had to go to the Prisons and unthinkingly wore a skirt.About half way up the stairs to go to the classroom I became conscious of some prisoners who were milling about the yard.I looked over my shoulder and yeah you guessed it-a couple of them were trying to get a look up my skirt.According to my friend,they are the only male grouping with a valid excuse.

Enjoy the weekend-am heading to a wedding this afternoon.

admit it ya wear the skirt to arose the poor fellas :-)
Clever kid. I remember those days, when undereneath a girl's skirt was unexplored territory. Thanks for commenting on my blog by the way.
Oh,y'all must check out Leon's site.He's a Jcan blogger
Oh goodness girl... yuh mussi feel real self conscious! YUH BRAVE! lol. Hope you doin' well. Thanks for the well wishes!
Poor fellows. Well done Kami, I call that community service...
let me tell you...when i was in the 5th grade, there was this girl that used to pump me one the swing. she was the same age as i, but she had breats the same size as mine are now. then i was flat she used to pump me up, i used to look up at her and i could see her chest. at first i thought it was funny because she didnt know her shirt was blowing out like that. she aint had on no bra. i wished that i had breasts that i am 22 with breasts those...and well these joints aint that damn big.
LoL! Those were the days...not that I used to take a glimpse of my computer teacher back in high school when she wore her short skits to class, or purposly get things wrong in english class just so the teacher can currect my mistake and I can get to look at her ample but beautiful cleavage, or anything like that. I never indulged in such things!
I remember in middle school there was a water fountain next to the girls locker room. The boys would line up pretending to drink, while peeking in the locker room. The door was always open. Funny that men never outgrow that.
I'm with Shotta M on this one; think of it as having done good works. :D
ah the memories.....Being that i went to an all male high school the many stories i have only involve teachers :)

i remember we were blessed to have 5 younger female teachers who used to wear some short skirts.the tallest one was probably 5'6". everytime they would turn to write something on the board they would have to stretch up..........needless to say everyones pens would mysteriously start falling off the desks requiring them to lean as close to the floor as possible with their eyes pointed in the teachers direction.

yeah.......good times
Why yuh over there thrilling the boys..:D All I will say is that we had some fun times at school. You can imagine the rest.
You should have ended the post saying... "They all thought they would see my panties... But the joke was on them 'cause I wasn't wearing any..." ;-)
hehehe trouble you eh easy...
child abuse ?
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