Friday, November 18, 2005


I didn't make this up-I swear

Today I called a courier service to enquire about a package.The person who answered the telephone asked me if I had a tracking number to aid in its location.Since I did not have the number with me I told her I would call back in a couple minutes after I had obtained it.

About 15 minutes later I made another call and relayed the tracking number.When I was finished the lady said the number had one digit too many .So instead of going through the trouble of double checking the number I suggested that she delete one of the twos and see if it would work.The number read something like this-70853222284 so I sorta figured maybe I had a two too many.

To my great surprise she asked me which of the two's she should subtract.A bit taken aback for words I managed to blurt out that it really didn't matter which one she left out.Somehow,my response given in a pleasant enough manner was apparently offensive to her because in a ice cold manner she demanded my telephone # and informed me she would call me.Realising that she was not going to give me priority I called back in about an hour's time with the corrected number.This time she was so pleasant leaving me to surmise that it was a result of not having to decide which of the twos to leave out.

Enjoy the weekend.

rofl...Is lie yuh telling on the poor woman.......I don't believe yuh...yuh can't be serious...... rofl whole heap more
ha ha ha like I does always say..common sense ein too common yuh kno. So which one ah de twos yuh take out?
LOL!! You got to wonder what happens to people's brains when they work some jobs for too long.
Abi -What an idiot! Man, and I thought I had horrible experiences with bad customer service reps!

and that's postal service for ya! lol!
Sounds like a script taken from an Ali G episode...
ha ha ha, you intimidate the poor woman cuhdear
you should have told her to take the one middle wun lol, that would have messed her up even more.
Common sense is apparently rarer than rocking horse manure!

She lucky she never get some feisty person pon de phone.
Chhh! Stupid! (* rolls eyes *)
That had us rolling
LOL, that was funny!
ROFLMAO!!! MY daughter's looking at me like I'm crazy.

Gawd, I just LOVE stupid people (when they're bugging someone else).
By the way, even my 12 year understood why that was a stupid question.
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