Monday, November 21, 2005


Favorite TV People

As a follow up to my least favorite tv characters am going to profile a few of my favorites.In no particular order,here goes:

Image hosted by Photobucket.comEmily Gilmore of Gilmore Girls-I admit to loving all the characters in this show.So why am I choosing the grandmother as my favorite? Well,I happen to find the relationship between her and her daughter Lorelai the most interesting on the show.Domineering and society conscious Emily struggles to understand and connect with a daughter that she just cannot seem to understand.And because I have had similiar experiences with my mother it makes it all the more real and gripping.

Image hosted by Gray(Tyne Daly) of Judging Amy-As the social worker Maxine never quits.Forever railing at the system,sometimes to the point of exasperation yet still doing her utmost to make sure the kids best interest comes first.Also the glue that keeps her family together with her firm yet loving ways.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comDetective Briscoe(Jerry Orbach) of Law and Order.I rate Law and Order as one of the best shows ever and Briscoe was by far the best character.Despite L&O being plot based Briscoe played the no nonsense cop to perfection.Tough,cynical and given to wisecracks which were delivered with impeccable timing meant you were never bored when he was on the screen.We also got a peek into his life that included his battle with alcoholism and we felt his pain when his daughter was gunned down by drug dealers.RIP,Jerry Orbach.Nuff respect for the many years of great perfomances on TV's best show.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comDet Sipowicz(Dennis Franz) of NYPD Blues.Tough,edgy,very politically incorrect(remember when he called the black activist a nigger?) and sometimes sensitive the show just won't be the same without him.Sometimes,I wonder how he managed to remain on the squad with his long list of infractions ranging from violating the suspects Miranda rights,getting drunk on the job as well as beating the daylights out of the suspects during interrogation.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAndy Rooney(60 mins).He's the reason why I try to watch 60 mins every Sunday and am rarely let down by his humorous or testy reflections at the end of the show.Watching Andy Rooney is kinda like listening to your grumpy grandfather or great uncle ramble on about the good old days when life was so much simpler.You want to tune them out sometimes but if you listen well enough you realise there are some lessons to be learnt.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSeth Cohen(Adam Brody) of the OC.I don't really watch this show much but when I do its because of Seth. I first became aware of Adam Brody when he played David on Gilmore Girls and later on in the Brady Bunch movie(yuk).On the OC he is the rich but geeky kid with the smart mouth,goofy wardrobe,love of comics,and mad playstation skills who always brings some hilarity to almost any situation.Added to all that is his devotion to Summer,the girl who he finally hooked up with after his break up with Anna.Despite his privileged life you also get a sense that he wants a bit more from life than what he currently has.

There are quite a few others that I like but am too lazy to profie.Anyway special mention to Stewie of Family Guy,Karen from Will and Grace and Clare from Six feet Under.

Really can't say I have any TV favourites as TV plays such a small part in my life.

6 Feet U not a bad show....haven't seen an episode in months though.

Have a good week.
Back in another lifetime I used to watch TV and I agree re the NYPD Blues guy... is that show still on the air? Re the guy from Law & Order, what did you mean, "RIP, Jerry Orbach"? Him dead or wah?
Jerry Orbach passed away in December 2004. I can't really watch "Law and Order" any more because I get a little weepy when Jerry Orbach isn't there. It may be a tad pathetic but you should've seen me when Marlon Brando died.... I was much worse.
My T.V. watching is late at night when i can't sleep. So I see Family Guy alot. Love stewie & Brian. I watch a lot of Adult swim & old movies. I love 60's & 70's movies, like Frank Sinatra playing Tony Roma & Those weird ones involving tame sex & drugs, head-bands & miniskirts, were everyone says groovey.
The only tv show I follow consistently (the storyline and all) is The Sopranos. Everything else is just hit or miss.
other than 6 feet under i aint watching them felllas
Boy I agree the 6 feet under kinda makes me cringe, don't like that one. Like law and order though. Sopranos is my all time favorite, I think.
I gotta agree with you on the Seth character, it's the only redeeming feature of the OC. I'm currently taken with the Titus Pulo character of HBO's "Rome" - keep rooting for him to see the light and settle down.
I like watching Andy Rooney, he's kinda like listening to Paul Harvey - annoying in a way, but addictive too.

HOW are you able to post multiple pictures, and stagger them in the same post?
Falcon.I store them in photobucket and just copy the links to my post.Try and see if you get it to work
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