Thursday, November 24, 2005


The Day from Hell

Yesterday,began like any other normal day.But by about 11 am everything had changed when screams were heard coming from the school the time the dust had settled a fifth form girl was bleeding profusely from the many stab wounds administered to her head and face by a fourth form girl.No one knows what triggered the fight but apparently there was a scuffle between two first formers which somehow spilled over into the second fight.

I can't begin to describe fully the chaos that ensued.First there was the struggle to get the knife wielding girl away from the victim and then to keep the profusely bleeding victim from retaliating and get her to the hospital.In the meantime several other fights are breaking out. In no time the school was over run by police,the public and some parents who had heard that a student was stabbed and killed.Thanks to the police some sort of order was restored in that the stabber for want of a better word was taken into custody and the public was removed from the compound.

Of course the teachers are getting the blame for not being able to "control" the students.I am wondering how do you control students who repeatedly bring knives,guns,screwdrivers,scissors etc to school without the supporting framework from the authorities.In case you wondering ,suspensions and expulsions can only be done by the Ministry.So a typical scenario can be that today the stabber can come to school until the ruling is made.Then the school conditions are deplorable and far from conducive for learning.So what we have at least in my opinion are a group of tense students who are easily triggered off.The numerous stabbing incidents for this term only suggests to me that it is definitely a societal problem and not one that is glossed over by resting blame at the feet of teachers.Not saying teachers are blameless because some are more interested in being friends with the students rather than being the authority figure/s.

Am still traumatised,because although I have seen bad incidents yesterday was just simply the worst.Not even sure what is happening today although I have been warned by students to stay home because the different crews will be exacting their revenge.My hope is that this latest incident will serve as a catalyst for some much needed attention be paid to this school.

Kami, it is everywhere. Sad to hear about things like this. Is not school children school man and woman! Looks like in the WI we need to start having students walk through metal detectors like they have to before entering the school compounds as they do in some places in the US.

You are correct, it is a societal problem. Take care of yourself at work, would never like to learn that any of these outta control school man/woman take out dem rage on you!
Back it the day, girls tossed a couple cuss words and the odd bitch slap; but these days... *sigh* Who are we kidding, huh? Our societies have grown exponentially violent. Be careful girl.
Ditto, what Dorna wrote.
Sorry to hear about that.
what disturbs me the most is you seem to be saying this aint the first stabbing at the school this term. is where you teaching prison school?
Nope it is not the first stabbing.
I'm sorry to hear that. It's a shame that incidents like that happen anywhere.
Sorry to hear Kami. Everywhere yuh turn life is so cheap..... :(
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Pretty soon what will happen is the good teachers who care will run away from students. Then it's downhill after that. You keep yourself safe lady.
girl that sounded like hell its true its happened in trini too its worrying especially as a parent.
Sabledawn is right my girlfriend got blamed for not controling her class when a student tried to jump thru a window to harm himself and now she's leaving the profession.
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