Saturday, November 05, 2005


Blogger meet up

As you all would/may know Dr D is here in St Vincent attending a Dermatology cinference.Today,was the planned meeting day due to conference and work constraints.So we set a time of 4pm and yours truly arrived on time only to find the goodly doc missing in action

So,like a good little girl I relaxed in the reception area and settled down to wait.At 5 pm I was ready to leave but I figured since I was already there I'd suffer through so my evening won't be totally wasted.The clock rolled around to 6 and still no sign.Apparently nobody told the doc that you don't keep a lady waiting:)

Anyway,just as I was about to leave I saw this tour bus roll in and a couple passengers disembarked.None of them fit the image I was looking for so am there trying my best to spot him.Eventually, I spotted him heading up the path that led to his cottage and yelled out his blog name.The poor fella looked confused as to who on earth would be calling him by his nick but he quickly realised it could only be me.

It turned out they went to do some sightseeing hence the late arrival so it was all good.Unfortunately,the visit was short since the man had big banquet to attend at 7.15.But we had a good little chat and a photo session with Doc rejecting several shots and his friend getting in on the photography act.So there you have it folks and y'all can look out next week for Doc's impressions of SVG and his version of the meeting.

You are a very patient lady. Sonehow, that doesn't surprise me a bit. ;)
Wow you are so lucky to meet a fellow blogger yeah and sabledawn was right you have real patience.
I reasoned that I already there so why not wait so the whole evening won't be wasted.Plus the curiousity of meeting a blogger
so but wait :-)
ya mean after ya get ready an put on ya pretty pretty dress :-) the dr keep ya waiting that long.

man the dr mek muh shame man. well well well. :-)
But why you had to frighten de man so? Shouting his name and ting. :D

Be sure to post the pics.
You are truly an ambassador of the SVG - that was very nice of you to link up your fellow bloggist.
So... ah it dat! The Doc let me down, man! Trus' me, Abeni, when I pass thru SVG, we will spend more time... do dinner, chat up a storm, you'll meet the Missus and the pickney, etc...
That Doctor D, you see! (* shakes head *)
Hi Kami, as you rightly stated, my time was not at all my own. I had planned to be there at 4 (no, I do not keep ladies waiting and you were very gracious to have waited so long) but I had no control of what happened on the tour....we were supposed to be back at 3:30PM. Thank you for waiting, it was a pleasure meeting you. I did have plans to take you by the poolside bar for a Hairoun (good beer btw) or a drink of your choice, and eat suppem if you had wanted, but every day was just rush, rush, rush from one actibity to the next. Furthermore, being on the Executive of the association, it is not seen in a good light if I am just 'missing' from conference activities. I will send you the pics soon...maybe today so you can look at them and decide if you approve net posting. Nice meeting you and hopefully next time will be better. Say hello to your cousin.
hmmmm well doesn't sound like every worked out as planned, but exciting nonetheless.
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