Monday, November 07, 2005


The bell has rung

Off to the polls we go on Dec 7th.Thank God,it will soon be over and life can revert to some normalcy and not the madness that is taking place right now.It goes without saying that productivity is low since everybody is caught up in the election/party mode.You could see people stumbling to work on Mondays i.e if they even manage to wake up after attending the weekly rallies.Upon arriving at work a substantial part of the work day is spent discussing in detail the events of the weekend.This morning I went to pay a bill and the cashiers were so engrossed in discussing their party's chances in the elections that I was the invisible woman.

Then there are the talk shows which go on for ever and ever.They are bad enough with out election fever and in this atmosphere they have become doubly worse. From now until the 7th the campaign will only get more feverish and to tell the truth sometimes it is very humourous with all the picong(old talk).One feature of elections that I find amusing is the practice of giving burials to candidates who were defeated in their respective constituencies.These burials,complete with coffins and waxen images in some cases are elaborate events with the features of a real burial.Either way there are many funerals to look forward to on Dec 8th.

Last but not least when it is all over hopefully persons can revert to being friends.It may be a big ask given how heated a campaign can be but here's hoping good sense will prevail.

As long it remains at just arguments and discussions...I think I could live with that...let's trade islands...
Sunday on the way back to the hotel after the Bequia trip, I saw some of the action in town, everybody in Red ULP shirts. There seem to be quite a few 'die hards' in SV and Bequia....
So Kami? Doc say him need permission to post the pictures... Sounds like the election is cool and calm, man!
MB,I eh see no pics yet
Nah,them pics can't go online.I don't like how they look so you lose out.
Well, at least distribute the pics by email, still. Abeni - remember to vote - and no, the politics will continue in another form, rather than campaign mode, although even after elections, succesful canidates usually continue to campaign. Enjoy
I saw the word 'polls' and my brain shutdown... Why do you keep doing this to me girl... I have to work today... It's hard to work with a brain that's shut down you know... You better post something else next time in retribution... Now go spank yourself... And send me pictures...
Do I hear a chicken clucking in the distance?.....hmmmmm :D
I ditto that about good sense prevailing.
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