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Annoying Tv People and Characters

If you watch as much televison as I do there are bound to be some characters that tick you off.Some are mildly annoying while others make you want to throw rocks at the screen.In no particular order here are some of the characters I just love to hate.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comDr Phil.It was bad enough listening to his self serving stuff on Oprah,(whose show by the way is fast becoming a major irritant) but horror of horrors the man now has his own show.Is there anything Dr Phil doesn't know?Having an adoring audience lapping up your every syllable must work wonders.Can somebody tell me why a fat man is giving advice about diet? It makes me question advice that you yourself don't appear to be heeding.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe Nanny aka Fran Drescher.She is the reason I can only take the Nanny in small doses.I actually like the show,fairly good premise and all but that voice drives me up a wall.Maxwell Sheffield deserves a sainthood for living with Fran all those years and remaining sane.Saw an ad for a new-well to me at least sitcom with Fran which means the voice is still around to torture us once more.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comElmo.Sesame Street used to be a cool place with some equally cool puppets like Grover,Cookie Monster et al.One day a red furball named Elmo showed up and refused to leave.Neither funny or cool Elmo seemed to be everywhere and succeeded in lessening the other fun muppets airtime.The last straw was when Elmo got his own half hour spot-the very annoying Elmo's World.That's when I knew Sesame Street had lost the plot.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comScooby Doo.Lol,I'll probably get shot for this but what manner of dog is this?Always hungry,always scared of literally his own shadow.Actually,the whole show is real silly and this is coming from a person who loves animation.Bugs is fine,he got spunk and not afraid to antagonise and my fave Daffy talks a good game.Scooby,on the other hand has not an ounce of courage,charisma or anything that makes him vaguely interesting to me.His entire life is spent running from monsters,who when unmasked would make any self respecting dog cringe.Come on Scooby,grow some balls.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comBill O'Reilly.Ok,I confess to religiously watching the O'Reilly Factor but yet its host makes my most annoying list.Paradox,you say? Well to tell the truth my attraction is watching some one be so wrong so often.And the most amazing thing is O'Reilly seems absolutely convinced that he is 100% correct on his rantings.Got to love the irony of his No spin Zone which is intent on being a mouthpiece for the Republicans.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comMelissa and Joan Rivers.The fashion experts formerly of E and now residing on TV Guide Channel.How can two women who are definitely not attractive neither do they dress particularly well have so much to say about the red carpet stars?The irony is that many a show their own outfits can definitely make their own worst dressed list.I particularly love it when Joan gets it wrong e,g congratulating a star for being nominated only to learn he/she is a presenter.

Special mention to Steve Irwin ,who am I secretly wishing would get bitten by the croc .

Nuff o dem ppl really sickening Kami....hence the reason why TV is not up there for me from ages ago...time is better spent BLOGGING! (HINT!) ;-)

BTW, you forgot that sickening spoiled blonde child...Anna Nicole Smith...UGH!
Never was an Opra fan, so Dr, Phil was never on my vieing list. Noe Elmo and his gand are anoying, you ever noticed how he always refer to himseld in the 3rd person?

I agree with you doc. Anna Nicole is a real pest, and you can't escape her because her Trimspa ad is on every channel.
I feel you on most of them. Dr. Phil is so self-righteous, it makes me sick.
You forgot Judge Judy. :D
Tara Reid? Taradise...
Star Jones and all those hollywood gossip types who host red carpet specials really irritate me.
Ok, ok, ok... here are the two most despicable people of all time: Geraldo Rivera a.k.a. Gerald Rivers and Nancy Grace.... May the fleas of a thousand camels inhabit their privates! May the pox of a thousand whores inhabit their privates... may the .....

I wonder... is that right? pox of a thousand whores, I mean... whats the plural of pox?
Oh... By the way! ME (AND MBJr. VEX) How you mean to mash up our star, Scooby Doo... Take it back! >:-(
Nah,,scooby staying on the hit list:)So tell a girl if you got the email nah
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I agree with you on that. Now Scooby Doo, I used to love that show until they started showing it a thousand times a day on Boomerang so now I am so sick of that dog I don't care what happens to him.

Dr. Phil--- Can't stand him. They say he's so mean behind the scenes plus that voice makes me sick and I'm from Texas! I can't stand him with his hillbilly voice and he just looks goofy. I didn't like him anyway because all he does is try to sell books on false hopes and rides on Oprah's coat tails. I heard they had a falling out. I see why.

Star Jones, never did like her much but when she was big she at least looked better and had a sense of humor. Now she acts like she's on drugs and miserable. I hate Elmo too! Tyra Banks is getting on my nerves too. I liked her for years but I am sick of that show because every time you turn around they're trying to make that show so great. I get sick of people when they become overexposed. And not to mention 50 Cents! I am sick to death of him! I saw him on ten shows this week promoting his new movie. YUCK!
Abeni when you get a chance add my link to your blog if you want. it, i love judge judy, and for that matter judge mathis and judge milan too! lol :-)
Yeah,I love the judge shows too.

Stace,I will but am so lazy why I haven't got around to it
good list but wha scooby do you :-)

my most annoying tv person apart from Dr Phil though is nancy grace on cnn. cant stand that woman. the fact that people actually listen to dr phil's drivel shows me that the average man is stupip beyond belief

good post you reading my mind ya kno cause i have atv blog planned for monday
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Nancy Grace is on my hate list...can't stand that show....arrrrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!
Kami, I so feeling you on Scooby Doo, Dr. Phil and Bill O'Riley. I want to reach into the TV and slap the daylights out of his annoying self righteous behind.

Oprah use to be alright back inthe day, but now, she's crossed over and lost her appeal to me. Yes, I like Starr Jones much better when she was fatter.
We can put these in 3 categories:

o self-righteous know-it-alls
o TV whores who'll do anything for fame
o dumbasses

By the way Scooby Doo is a Great Dane, and I hate them in real life too.
Who a fight down Scooby? You must want my 8 year old to kill you!? That is her favorite!
I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY cant' stand that Joan Rivers pair. Somebody actually pays them to do that!?!
I always wondered why Dr. Phil was pushing weight loss with his fat aXX.

Star does seem sadder now. Is it the weight or knowing that she married a gay man. She has changed.

Melissa and Joan Rivers, how in the world did they get that job? What gives?
Isn't wierd that you'll watch somebody you hate just so you can disagree with them? Maybe fox knows that about O'Reilly.
Oh how i am so glad i found this blog. Star jones is such a loser. she is the most annoying of them all. She makes me sick in everyway. Plus, she just aint attractive and this comes from a sistah. dr. phil is next on my list. lord, i despise that fat man and all the people who love him. There are so many more. sean penn irks the hell out of me, though i respect him a little more after katrina and angela jolie is irksome and so is ole' long face jennifer whomever. Brad pitt is just a little pitiful being - pulled by the shirt tails. pathetic.

Just call me catty
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