Wednesday, November 02, 2005


And the beat goes on

Am referring to the election campaign which is going into high gear.Each weekend the two main political parties with much fanfare launch/present a candidate in his/her respective constituency.The ruling Unity Labour Party of Dr Ralph Gonsalves is conducting a catchy campaign with its usage of top local and regional entertainers as guest performers.

Addresses from the platform are also interspersed with the appropriate sounds designed to whip up the thousands of party faithfuls.A point to note here is that several of the local entertainers have declared their political allegiance and it would appear that the ULP has definitely attracted the more popular ones.The NDP led by former PM Arnhim Eustace is conducting a more subdued campaign which still attracts sizable crowds.

Undoubedtly, the ULP with its catchy theme song has caught much of the imagination of the youths in pretty much the same way the 2001 campaign did.Back then the 2001 campaign saw the presence of mega regional stars on the ULP's platform.Vincentians still insist that Beres Hammond's appearance at one of the rallies was one of the largest crowds seen here.

This weekend promises to be a monster rally in the all important East Kingstown constituency.Opposition Leader Eustace won this seat by 26 votes in 1998 and 45 in 2001 and the ULP is determined to be the victor this time around and if the rhetoric is to be believed send Mr Eustace to his political grave.On stage will be Destra Garcia and Atlantic along with locals.Maybe this undecided voter will take a trip down to Sion Hill Playing Field.

Meanwhile the talking point this week revolves around questions the PM has asked Senator Leacock in relation to the usage for political reasons of some Tshirts donated by Tommy Hilfiger to the Football Federation.Sen Leacock,who is also Pres of the SVGFF has gone on record as having "procured" 72 of the shirts under question.This has given the PM an opening to question whether or not they were paid for and which Mr Leacock has dismissed as being "out of place".From where I sit I think the Senator has some explaining to do because this points to questions of integrity. Never a dull moment in Vincentian politics.

It seems that no matter where you find politicians, you find hints of corruption. At least you guys get music.
One saving grace:)

I wonder if I can get one o de Tommy shirts!? ;-)
I read as far as 'election campaign'... But only because it was you...
I could go on about political corruption for hours. NJ is very politically corrupt, more than most other US states. Interesting to here about politics in other places.
Trouble,you too sweet
politics the same all over...only problem is that here no music...unless yuh can call the 9mm and M-16 barks music....... :(
Sounds interesting, so you think Ralph will win?
serious thing, din know them guys bringin in foreign artists for the platform
@ Ri,Yup I think Ralph will win
coming from a young person who been to the rally them...i know ralph is going to lose....and not just lose but lose big.......i will go to all the free concerts he give us but when time to mark my X is one term papa.....thank god for a real change......
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