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A few days ago I saw an email entitled 25 things Sistas should not apologise about.One item that caught my eye and made me smile was "Never apologise for wearing weaves.You bought it and therefore it is yours." Weave wearing is a rather touchy subject and many weave wearing sistas are at the receiving end of many jokes.It is typical to be told that there are many horses that sacrificed their tails to meet your beauty needs etc etc.So, here's some affirmation for weave wearers of the world.

A lot of people view it as a hatred for the type of the hair you were given by God.Black women complain about their nappy hair and how hard it is to manage unless it is in some processed form.On the other hand the women of other races with their flowing ,wash and go type of hair appear to have it so much easier.With the perception that part of beauty is having long hair the weave generally serves to compensate for what you see as being shortchanged.I don't know if it is common knowledge but white people for whatever reason wear weaves too.

Something about weaves that irritate me is seeing little children with their hair all done up and sometimes in different colours.Call me old fashioned but what happened to the days when parents/relatives would comb their kids hair.I remember as a child sitting between some female relative knees and having my hair combed.

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It was a daily ritual that was kinda comforting too notwithstanding the discomfort one felt at times.Invariably, you would complain about your hair being tugged,or chafe at having to sit for what seemed like forever.Sometimes,you got a lash for not sitting still enough or not holding your head straight.Nevertheless,I think it was a way of bonding because while your hair was being done it would be just you and your mother and some little lessons would be taught.Then when the job was completed your head was twisted at different angles to decide if it was done to their satisfaction.I know you ladies can identify with this.

As I got older gradually my hair care was left up to me.I had unprocessed hair right through my school life and I had to take the time to manage it.That is not to say that I didn't resent the time I had to spend on my hair as compared to all my friends who were sporting processed hair.But,on reflection my hair still looked good,different but good.Some weekends I would sit for several hours while my mother or aunt braided my natural hair in tiny plaits.This would be good for about 6 weeks and back then people would ask if it was my hair.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI say all this to say that if you take time your hatural hair won't be seen as a drag.I suppose it all comes down to accepting that our type of hair will never be like the other races.Nowadays,I have gone the processed route and people still ask if am wearing a weave(see pic to the left).I am unsure whether they think hair my length must be store bought or if it is a bad weave job:).So,I never know whether it is a compliment or insult.Anyway,ladies if you wear weaves make sure it is nicely done and not the type that make people cringe.

I like weaves, but then again, I also like short 'fros. Some of the hottest women wear them! All natural! Black women don't really need long hair to look good.
I prefer natural hair myself, but I'll settle for a weave as long as it's not some rediculous color.
Yeahh.. nice -- some weave ok - but some look too artificial - I agree with you on the small kids with weave - your processed look is nice - show us a face pic nah?
I don't have a problem with weaves, but the natural hair can be nice and I tink more black girls should have the confidence to rock it. But yeah as long as you have a reciept for the weave, then there is no disputing it's yours, it's paid for.

I second Ri's on your processed hair looking nice.
Some weaves look good on some women. I hate blonde, burgundy, blue and crap like looks so unnatural.

I plan on meeting the face that goes with that hair soon...picha going tek and publish...face on!
I know what you mean about the stigma....

I have a friend whose parents are quite well to do and in the upper classes of their society. When i found out her mother wore a weave I was horrified and flabberghasted!

But that was a few years ago. Weaves are a fashion statement these days and if I had the straight processed hair type (i have the curly processed type), I would try a weave just for kics.
I would take it as a compliment that they think your hair is too pretty to be black people's hair. But you should be insulted that they think pretty hair can't be black people's hair.

I have never tried a weave I heard it was hair from dead people I know better now but that somehow creeped me out. I have my natural now somedays I don't know what to do to it who knows maybe i'll go the process route again or even try dreadlocks but thats one thing I love about black hair so versatile.
I lke bald women....A shaved women is tres caliente!!!
To me weaves are a fashin statement and nothing more. Some people try to fake it as their own hair, but most woment just use weaves as a fashion thing.

I sported one once and it didn't sit right with me as the glue itched the daylights outta me. For the past couple of yrs, it's been locks then I cut them and now sporting the natural thing back to the locks soon though.
My former girlfriend had nice long hair. I enjoyed more ways than one ;). I don't have a propblem with women wearing weave as long as it looks good. I do have a problem wid likkle pickeny wearing it.
We're born naked - everything else is drag. People take cosmetic additions entirely too seriously.
Dorna got my juices flowing... I agree with Anonymous too...
As a sister with locs, I definitely have a STRONG preference for natural hair. I don't think weaves are the end of the world, but I think women who can't embrace their beauty without a weave is EXTREMELY problmatic.
It's a kinda neither here nor there situation for me (no pun intended). I really don't like braids but it is a non-issue isn't it. It's really the person and the personality that's important.
I think in the last several years at least in Toronto it seems as if natural hair has become in vogue with the 20 and 30 somethings. Locks, fros whatever. I'm not that big on the weave thing or the straightening/perm thing but to each their own.
Don't like the term pickaninny... still plantation vocabulary. Anyway, I wear my hair natural. It's beautiful, thick, smells good since I can wash it whenever I want and it's all mine. It's nappy heaven. Grows and grows with no problem.I wish more black women would embrace their natural hair.
I honestly think that black women are addicted to weave whether they choose to admit or not. I know several women who hate the way they look when they are weave-less. I was addicted myself, I am now trying to get over it and feel beautiful in my own skin.
Ms. Eugene, I agree with you. I was at school today and this little girl (she was really a grown woman but really immature)decided to make a comment about my hair. She said, "Ooh, someone needs to get their hair done". When I looked at her she seemed so embarrassed that she got caught. Then on top of that this little girl was wearing weave extensions in her hair, which let me know that I was dealing with someone full of stupidity (I am not saying weaves equal automatic stupidity, but I do believe she felt weaves were superior to natural hair). I actually thanked her for being ignorant and went on my way. I have absolutely nothing against weaves and the women who wear them. I just can't stand the ones so addicted to wearing weaves that when they see me the negativity comes out. I learned that if you have nothing nice to say keep it to yourself. I wish some people would follow the same advice.
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