Wednesday, October 05, 2005


To Vote or not to Vote

Like I said before the countdown to elections has begun.I have never voted and you would think I would be excited at the prospect of exercising my democratic right.Sadly,what I feel is a whole lot of indifference over the process.The ruling party came in to office with tremendous good will from the population. But quite a bit of that sentiment has since evaporated and the way some things are handled are reminiscent of the previous government.It seems like the more things change the more they stay the same.

Another thing that bothers me is the pettiness of the politics.Sure, there is a place for the picong(making jokes) but when politicians take the stage and go into detail about a person's sexuality or some other non issue it becomes annoying fast.Is it asking too much to have a campaign that focuses on the issues rather than making everything so personality based? And then the stories float around of persons being offered money or materials for their votes.I suppose it would not be that easy to prove bribery but I'd be happy if stories of that practice become less and less.

So if I don't vote am I allowing myself to be invisible and thereby allowing others to make a decision for me? Or is the whole idea of my vote being so important a farce since my involvement ends when I come out the polling booth.I often hear people say that one individual vote can determine the outcome but generally no constituency is ever won or lost by a handful of votes.I suppose it comes down to choosing the lesser of the evils and is that really any way to vote?

I wish they would hold a 'vote-against...'
To vote or not to vote...that's a helluva question still my girl. Did you ever see that episode of South Park where the kid got banished simply because he didn't want to vote for a new school mascot? Finally he came back to town and voted and, as it turns out, his vote made absolutely no difference (the moral of the story is vote, even if you know it won't make a difference in the outcome!). On a serious note, I never know who to vote for because they're all evil IMHO and sometimes the "lesser" of the two evils isn't quite apparent.
Sometimes that's all you can do...
I hear you and totally feel you on this one. Same with us. We need a vote against for real Trouble.
wait they dont have libel laws down dere?

go and vote. one gotta be better of the evils. the system never perfect but you need to have your say in it. I've voted every chance I got since I was 18. My candidate never wins cause my area is fiercely loyal to the other party but I still go and put in my x and let it be known who i backing.
yuh should stil go and cast yuh vote. your one vote and another body one vote and the next person one vote and eventually alla dem one votes gonna count for something.
i agree with campfyah.. but i also see what you're saying. however, there are way too many people who think that their vote doesn't count, so they don't vote. and like campfyah is saying, those 'non-votes' add up.

wait- hold up. didn't our ancestors fight for the right to vote? they never questioned the power of their vote. they just believed that they had that right to vote- so they died to excercize that right.

out of respect, i think we should all do the same, but we don't have to die no more for that. all we gotta do is sign up and register.. go 'head girl! it won't hurt..
Sorry. I just realized that you are not in the US- I am speaking specifically on the history of the black vote from a US perspective. I have no idea what its like in St. Vincent and The Grenadines.. But being a former colony of Britain, I'm sure much of the same history runs parallel in its fight for independence and freedom.. Peace
yeah,adult sufferage was in 1951 ( I think)
Well I advise voting for many of the same reasons others have stated but voting is not the end really it is just a start...the very first step.
Thandieland, don't stop there, tell us what the next steps are... I say to vot, cuz one side must be promising more things that you're for... you might have to search to find out, but its most likely true. Hey, they may not deliver, but if not you can vote them out next time around...
I would say a)vote, and b)get involved in the action process that makes your islands tick. Even if you do so discreetly, find a local political or apolitical organisation which promotes the common good, and join in the process of bettering your country. Have you been listening to the campains on both (or all) sides, including independents? You mentioned the pettiness, but this is all a part of it. There is a lot of tit for tat. If some cannot attack on issues, they will attack on personal issues. Even if they lose at the polls, they launch lawsuits etc because some are so obsessed with power that they are blinded they look.. I say go ahead and vote, and watch intently throughout the next term of office to see what both sides do.
I know the feeling. Why vote when it all seems to stink around you? But better to chose the better of the evils if that's what it comes down to.

Ri basically answered your question. I am going o tpost my thoughts on what else I think can be done on my blog b/c it is too long for comments. Check it out later today. Kami has me linked as Dekkah.
Please vote. The last election in Grenada was split evenly, each party winning 7 seats out of 15. The 15th seat was won by Dr Mitchell's NNP party by a (questionable) margin of only 6 votes. Six votes! The ballots of 6 people is what decided the fate of an entire country.

So yes, exercise the right afforded you as the citizen of a free country and please vote. And remember there are millions of people around the world today who are dying for their right to do just that.
If you don't throw away your democratic right. Whoever wins, you simply have to accept it.

I can't stand to hear those who cussin about government, and then they chant in the next breath...I didn't vote cause none o dem any better. If you didn't vote...keep quiet and suck up whatever crap is dished out. (In the same breath....even if you voted, you still have to suck up the crap...just that you did your part.)

Go to the polls they say, make a sensible decision and choose the best of a bad lot.
Voting is a tough decision. We got one coming up here in Detroit for the mayor. I don't know if I'm even gonna bother ... I'm still pissed my vote didn't get Bush's ass out of office!!
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