Thursday, October 13, 2005


Sorry Folks

After much resisting I have been forced to turn on word verification.There comes a point when you have had it with countless tooth whitening and improved sex life links.They must know something that I don't know! I would have prefeered using something different that doesn't require typing in those tiresome letters but the Haloscan experiment didn't work.Any of you know how I can switch to it and retain my old comments?

What bugs me the most about this blogspam is that I think much somes from one guy in Singapore. My site meter would tell me someone connected from there right when all the spam would show up.
I'm currently searching for a way to import Blogger comments into Haloscan. No sucess yet.
Welcome to the Word Varification world. I was forced to do it myself due to those anoying spam comments anvertising all kinds of crap!
yea its just a way of life now unfortunately. too much stupid blog spam.
Word veri is just one of those things we have to deal with. Still have problems telling the difference between v & u and g & q in some of the fonts they use but hey...... One thing is for certain it is better than the sex aid ads and the whatever it is they are selling comments.
What is so wrong about improving one's sex life?
Spam... It's not just for breakfast anymore...

I must now type 'bydtugn' to comment... I think...
I must be crazy but I don't mind the spam at all i like to read them actually i know i am weird.Enjoy yuh weekend.
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