Saturday, October 08, 2005


Sexiest woman alive

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That's Jessica Biel according to Esquire magazine.She looks good but I won't have backed her to win this.Tvholics like me will know her as Mary from 7th Heaven. More recently she was in Blade Trinity and Cellular.Anyway,I think I am guilty of exposing too much of my screen habits.

By the way,the sexiest woman alive lives in SVG:)

Her name is K**** and she was my girlfriend in first year at univ.
I don't know who Jessica was up against.. but she sure does look good to me..
uhhmm could this hot girl in SVG be you Kami?
Shotta mI was going to ask the samething hehe.
was Halle Berry in that list?
marc and smig,y'all trying to make me feel bad or what:)
jessica biel was in slealth this summer too

so wait who is the hottest woman in the world? is you?
I don't think anyone can label any woman as the sexiest woman in the world, especially white people (no disrespect). If shi nuh have curves, ass, tits, beautiful skin tone, great personality then shi ain't sexy in my book!
All I know is, I want that dress. :D
Well, as one who nuh really watch TV, have never heard of her. Can't say dat she don't look good...but sexiest woman alive? Am sure every man has his thoughts on who wins that award for him.

So, when me reach SVG next month going gimme a intro to dis sexiest woman you mention!? ;-)
She may not be #1, but she could be my kryptonite for a day. She's attractive....
Stunner,she got curves and skin tone.

I saw this earlier and I deliberately didn't comment and I'm still gonna leave it alone and just keep on grinning my thirty-twos. :)
Well she makes it into my top 100 anyway...
Like almost all other celebs, she gets by on looks...but I don't know how or why that equals sexiness?!?!
I must have missed this. I don't read magazines but if this is what's going on I am glad I missed this. I guess Stevie Wonder did the picking on this one, LOL! Don't mean to be disrespectful but put her up against some of the hot Latino and Black ladies and let's see how sexy she is then. But of course we're talking about Hollywood and in their world, white or anything close to it rules. So...but it's stupid anyway. Unless you judge all the millions of women around the world, how can you determine who's the sexiest? I could name fifteen girls I know who out does this chick including me, LOL! Anyway, those things aren't judged by real beauty just hyped up publicity. She must be popular right now and that must be the reason they picked her. Funny I mentioned her name to someone today and they hadn't ever heard of her...go figure.
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