Thursday, October 06, 2005


Idiot Award

Doctor sued over sex treatment for back pain

Woman says physician told her having intercourse with him would help

SEATTLE - An Oregon woman whose doctor convinced her that he could cure her lower back pain by having sex with her is suing him and his medical clinic for $4 million, according to legal documents obtained Monday.

The doctor, Randall Smith, who was 50 at the time, was stripped of his license and sent to jail for 60 days last year for charging the state’s Oregon Health Plan $5,000 for his 45-minute “treatments” involving the woman.

“Dr. Smith’s medical treatment included intercourse in which he told plaintiff was needed to help alleviate plaintiff’s lower back and lower extremity pain,” the former patient said in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit, which charges battery, negligence and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress, was filed Friday in Multnomah County court.

“We never comment on lawsuits,” said a spokesman for the Adventist Medical Group clinic in Gresham, Ore., where Smith worked. Smith could not be located for comment.

Though he pleaded guilty to submitting false health care claims, a felony, Smith maintained the sex with the 47-year-old woman was consensual

Can someone be this gullible or is it an affair gone wrong?

This was on the Jay Leno show last night. Some people really gullible if this is the case. Jay said that he would be interested to know what the treatment would have been for a dental problem. :D
I wonder how many patients he pescribed for back pain.
I wonder how many patients he pescribed for back pain.
lol, maybe it does actually work?!?! hehe...
Unbelievable. She should be charged a fine for being so idiotic.
As JDid would say.....EEDIAT!!

Then again, de docta nuh too clean either. When you hear these stories one really wonders....

Love Scratchie's comment from Jay Leno's show! ;-)
i think it is someone being gullible, and an affair gone wrong.

i think she was tricked into having sex, and then she liked it. then she wanted to have more and more sex with him, and then...he might have or osmeone else might have threatened to tell. now she's suing.

it has to be some more bullshit to this. this dont make any sort of sense.
Clearly both parties are at fault. The doctor for the "treatment" and the woman for falling into his trap. My question is, if she knew what she was going to do and she agreed to this "treatment", why is she suing? But we probably don't know the entire story. It's very he-said, she-said right now.
The doctor has balls of steel tho. Imagine, charging the health plan for the 45 minute sessions... Talk about having your cake and eating it too... :-)
Never underestimate the power of stupidity. It has started wars, caused famines... and can get unscrupulous men laid
so wait she get better or not :-)
The doc is simply a crook (a satisfied one at that). But it is the patient that takes the cake. I would bet she will lose the case on the basis that the wanted every stroke of it. Its not about any treatment for anything, other than being desperately horny..
JDid...I hear she has prescribed a refill! LOL.

Tekking bad tings mek joke!
You know what, the s**t hit the fan because the insurance say them nah cover it, and the doc send her a bill for the plungin. She say she like it but not enough to pay, so she suing because the can't get no more lumber without insurance card. Insurance card cancel long time!
Dat woman did want some front long time. I don't see how someone can convince a sensible person of that. probably she had all this planned from that dumb horny pervert doctor made the suggestion.
Say what you want... He cured MY back pain... It was worth every penis... Er... penny...
an affair gone wrong
Damn ... she screwed him? If so she's more foul than him.
I can tell say the Count's back never hurt him yet! ;-)
this is a real world comedy of sorts.
I can't believe someone is that dumb. Seriously! We warn 6 year olds about stuff like this. When you get a minute let me know what you think about the cuties on the blog if you haven't already.
I have managed Chiropractic clinics in the past and just am trying to figure out what the treatment code for something like that would be....and if he go the insurance company to reimburse..
(im tacky)
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