Saturday, October 29, 2005


Dresses to die for

I have a function to attend next month and am here browsing dresses online.Here are my top pics and its the brown dress on the bottom link you should pay attention to.

Image hosted by

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Personally, I like the black dress because I believe in the less is more theory. I don't like the green dress. But the brown dress is interesting and pretty. If that's what you like, then you should go for it.
you like the first dress? Am kinda confused about the black dress comment
I just don't like the one on the right side of the bottom pickcha, zeen? De rest look good. Just the lop sided view of a male.
yeah, I like the first dress.
If you've got square shoulders, all 3 look good. Personally, I like the brown dress if you have the figure for it. Otherwise, the first dress could hide more "sins". Not crazy about the green one.

I like the brown one most as well. The green one naw seh nutten (or maybe is the blonde model)...
I like the black one at the top best. The brown dress at the bottom comes in second. The other colors are fine too.
The first dress is brown my good peoples.Am the blind one here,not y'all
Well I'm the odd one out as i like the green dress, I think you probably can pull it off. The brown one on the bottom is also georgeous, but how formal is the affair. That seems to be a pretty formal dress.
first two nice, i think i partial to the top one though or maybe is the model.

but wait event to go to next month? so ya picking out dresses to wear to meet Dr D. bwoy I tell ya some man lucky :-)
LOL JDid, when y'all see de pics you will find out which one she chose!
Yeah, you're slim so you can definitely pull off the green one in the middle. The others are very ordinary. The green one is very different.

i have never ever worn anything like any of these dresses in my life!
I like all de dresses, but the brown one at the bottom is my favourite. It gets my blessing.
I thought something was wrong with me WRT the first dress... of course its brown!
simple Yammie,not ordinary.I don't like fussy clothes at tall.
Hmfff... Dresses are for girls...

I would prefer to see you in NONE of them...
So, is the brown one you pick? I better invite you to the banquet Saturday nite!? ;-)
I like the first two the most. Going somewhere special?
Yeah best friend wedding
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