Friday, October 21, 2005


Dangerous Tattoo

Remember I said if I were brave enough I'd have a tattoo? Not the one pictured below though which could probably get a man killed.

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Can you imagine the size of the gun if this man started packing on pounds?

Yeah, with a beer belly, it'll look like a shotgun. Can you imagine this moron at the beach?
If I was a cop and I was chasing this felow and he stoped and lifted his shirt I would spray him with lead. That is really a dangerous tattoo.
Which would be sublimely Darwinian. I'm generally content to let the idiots weed themselves out of the gene pool.
He better careful the other 'gun' nuh get shoot off!
agree wid the doc lol.
funny pic, hahahaha but i dont use this...
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For real, just another mechinism for weeding idiots out of our gene pool and they are many. Some kid just asked for 3 years to be added to his jail sentence- so that his sentence can match Larry Bird's number 33. The judges gladly granted him his wish.
thats not the first time i saw something like that. i was watching smack dvd, and some fool had that tatted on his belly. that shit looks so stupid.
Hey! Next time you post my picture... Ask my damn permission first...
Trouble,I figured you won't mind:)
LOL! I definitely think folks should stay away from tatooing the mid section! Keep it simple and small!
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