Monday, October 24, 2005


Annoying tradition

Here in St Vincent and I daresay the wider Caribbean are many traditions which people have grown accustomed to.On Nov 1, we light candles on the graves of our loved ones,Christmas time there is serenading and Nine Mornings festival and a rain dance in Union Island(a Grenadine island).

Vincentians,being the entrepreneurial souls they are decided to cash in on the All Souls tradition by turning graveyards into BlockO(road party) sites.It went on for some time until complaints from citizens caused the authorities to clamp down on it.Lately,there has been a renewal of the music a little distance away from the cemetery and its interesting to see how long it will be allowed.

Anyway,there is one tradition I wish would die simply because it is so annoying.I speak here of the practice of bussing(bursting) bamboo joints to commemmorate Guy Fawkes Day.Guy Fawkes day is either Nov 4th or 5th but they would start bussing the joints from mid October and this would be a daily thing lasting several hours into the night.How I wish they would burn an effigy or just let off some fireworks! Am not really sure how it works but I think they pour kerosene into the bamboo,light it and then keep re-lighting until the oil is hot which then causes the blast.

Apart from the annoyance of the very loud explosions the practice is very dangerous as several persons have been badly burnt as a result of something going horribly wrong.But not even the sight of badly burnt youngsters are enough to dissuade others.Meantime,I suck my teeth in annoyance everytime I hear the blasts and long for the day when Govt will intervene.Now I think about it the Noise Act should come in quite handy here,don't you think? Anyway,is this practice common in the other Caribbean countries?

Sweetheart, consider yourself fortunate. The bamboo canon foolishness starts in mid-October and keeps up 'til just past New Year's over here in fair Lucia.
First I've ever heard pf the bamboo canon business. In Jamaica, I'm used to them bursting fire clappers a few days before and after new year's.
Never heard of this bamboo thing either. Mind you we dont celebrate guy fawkes anymore since our independence is in novemeber
As Dorna said, consider yourself fortunate! I have never celebrated Guy Fawkes myself, it is not a part of Jamaican culture and to the best of my knowledge, hasn't been for my entire lifetime!
Unfortunately, they do buss clappers around christmas and New Years, and they buss up M-16s, Glock, AK47s and various other kinds of weaponry all year round. :-(
omg what a coincidence there is a debate about stopping it here in trini too because of the noise and people may think its a bomb the bamboo starts around divali time (hindu holiday) all the way to christmas its really annoying and you are right people get burn real bad from it too.
Y'al still celebrate Guy Fawkes' Day? I can't even remember the last time I heard that name!
Guy Fawkes must be one of the last barbarous relics of your British past - I remember them doing fireworks in England for that when I was there in the mid 90's. They must still do it, poor pathetic limies...that one I think you should ask them to dash way.

But the bamboo business - news to me - but, as MB says, better bamboo than AK and Glock. But if it is annoying locally then those who oppose it should be heard and considered.. its not about what we think..
kinda annoying alright
Thank God we don't go to Christmas!
Never heard of the bamboo thing... I remember when I was 4 or 5, experiencing the last of the Guy Fawkes celebrations in Cayman. It was basically a bonfire on the beach with an effigy sat on top, and some fireworks... And a whole pile of adults getting drunk.
My family is a fraction British, so we went... But I suspect it was just another excuse for my parents to party...
Now we just celebrate pirates for a week...
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