Friday, September 23, 2005


Who runs your world?

If you watch BBC at some point you will see a feature titled "Who runs your world"? Answers are varied ranging from a spouse,children etc.Interestingly,I have never seen a respondent say he/she runs their world.The concept of growing up and supposedly running your own show seems as big as the Santa Claus myth.I hope one of you will tell me that you run your world because I definitely don't run mine.

Kami, you beat me to it. I was going to do a post on this. Well I try to run my world, but since I have a partner, he helps me a lot. so we run each others world. When I was single it was my son.
My car runs the world :)...she's my baby...I put all sorts of little extras in her, including synthetic oil, high-grade fuel, plus the mods I have planned for the summer :D
more like the world a run me lol
I want to run the world, but so far it has been the other way around.
You know someone who'll tell you he runs his world, and he's either (1) filthy, stinking, ugly rich, and cheats on taxes, or (2) lying.
I think noone runs my world.
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I don't particularly run my world, but a part of my body controls every thing I
I am trying my best not to allow anybody to run my world anymore
I probably ruin my world more then I run it. But the mistakes kind of serve as my fuel, I've always been counter productive...
Ha ha, those were all funny comments...

As for me... My world just runs... I try to keep up... But it's difficult with all the cigarettes and alcohol I consume... Hopefully it will get a 'stich' soon and slow down enough that I can catch up...
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