Thursday, September 15, 2005


Things to make you say damn

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Silicone,real,or? Weigh in experts.Y'all enjoy the weekend

Oh NO, thats awful!
She is stupid. She is crazy. And she needs a head transplant
mad people in this world.
Eeewww! (Covering eyes to aviod seeing the horrid sight!) Head nuh good!
silicone if dem was real an dat big dem wud be dragging down by she feet
I can't help but wonder if I stuck 'em with a pin, would they pop. Her next surgery will be for her back.
naaahhh dem real, all hers, of course she paid for dem so dey really hers--good luck tuh she when she turn 70.
Well I'm juicy all of a sudden...
LOL @ Trouble...

Well, when I see her, I have visions of popping one of those with a pin and watching her fly all over theplace, much like a balloon does when its pricked...
That is senseless to have those. They can't be real. They're about to bust!!!!
Holy Implants Batman! That is just wrong! Can you imagine the pain she must be in? I am cringing just looking.
She got it from her Momma
Sup Abeni,

If only those things came with a glove compartment, she'd be set!
-Bk Babe
i know people want big breasts and all...but dayum she o.d. for real. thats really o.d.
Those can't be real what was she thinking!
I'm sure she has an enormous bill or reciept sitting somewhere as proof that she paid for them and so they are really hers.
Damn!!! Fake tits at their worst! That's just sick! They should beat her and the doctor who did that with dem fake tits.
thats like having two humongous toomors on your chest
Two words... Photo Shop.
I think photo shop is the right two words. If not, I bet shopping is a bitch!
DAMN! how many gallons of milk do u have? They're fake tits show urself naked
love to get my hands on them hmmmmmmm,
shes not stupid or crazy shes CHARMING, you stupid people; In gods eyes ,she may be going through something - like a learning process. Oh ? Or have all of you perfect people forgot about your own learing experiences???
Can you say "Photoshop"?
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