Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Thank you Katrina

For pushing The Natalee Holloway story of the front page. In all honesty it is a sad story and if I were her mother I would be moving earth and heaven trying to get some answers as well. But seriously I fail to understand why such a personal matter became such a huge national/worldwide issue. Not to trivialize it but every day people disappear and we never even know some of their names.

Ok, since am being honest here it has all the elements of a good crime story and would naturally draw human interest. But, a whole programme on Fox news nightly? Nah, plain overkill or really, really slow news days.

At least we are spared watching Greta Van Susteren and her never ending interviews of almost anybody with the remotest connection to the story. I confess it was a guilty pleasure until it just got plain annoying especially with the tone of backward little islands incapable of solving a crime. Of course conveniently omitted was the fact that many crimes never get solved in first world countries either.

So now it is time to focus on other missing people-the hundreds or thousands missing in New Orleans. Time to focus, rightly so on a national disaster rather than on one woman's loss.

They just don't want to admit the obvious - no body, little evidence - no case.
That story was definitely overkill. Actually the hurricane Diaster is getting to be overkill also, but you know the American news media, mek mountain outta mole heap.
couldn't have said it better myself.
agree wid camp
Actually I don't mind the overkill on Katrina if only because it exposes the deficiences in the system.Hopefully, other places including us will see and learn
Yup, you said it Kami...and so did I mention it in the post I just did....and I did not read yours before I posted. So, seems we on a similar wavelength at the moment.
you are so right enough already.
Hi Abeni,

Really enjoying your blog. It may take me a while to get back but I do visit it often. I agree with everything you said. It was a shame it took Katrina's havoc to push the little missing white girl saga out of the way. I am sorry but I am sick of the media focusing on missing white girls 24/7 like there aren't any minority children or people missing.

And about the Katrina victims, I wonder when the media will let them rest. I live in Houston and I can only imagine how frightening it is for them to be in a new place but what I wonder about is when is the media going to stop going in these places with cameras and such and putting these people on display? I saw a telecast the other day and the evacuees looked so disgusted to have all those newspeople in the way. Can't they realize how uncomfortable it is for these people to be kept on display just for television ratings? Well, this is the media and I am sure they don't care.

By the way my publisher has put together a nation wide book drive for the victims. We've already gotten them 6,000 books. The goal is 30,000. My book was donated along with a lot of others of course. I feel good because I helped put things together here in Houston. Anyone want more information about the drive, please visit my blog.
Good point, Abeni. I notice that all the suspects have been released now. :-|
I agree with you Abeni, tired of hearing how this "innocent" christian honor roll student went into a car with 3 unfamiliar men at 2am after drinking up a storm.
It's an interesting coincidence that now that the story isn't getting national daily coverage, Natalee's mother finally decided to leave Aruba. Hmmmm...
Gotta love the American news media and there ability to overkill most stories and ignore the important ones.
Well said.
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