Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Race disgrace

So Derek Jeter dates/dated white women.Is that cause for hate mail threatening his life? Apparently,yes

The Daily News reported Monday that the hate mail to the Yankees’ 31-year-old captain called him a “traitor to his race’’ for dating white women. It warned him “to stop or he’ll be shot or set on fire,” the News said.

The Daily News reported that others received similar threats, including U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Miami Dolphins defensive lineman Jason Taylor, and the parents of tennis star James Blake, of Fairfield, Conn.

Things never change do they? Notwithstanding the fact that he is a great ball player some people only see that he is black and not worthy of coming close to white women.Stick to your own,boy.For sure Jeter would not have to face the racial abuse that the average black person faces but just in case he thought his sports idol status was a shield it just disappeared.

Racism is as strong as ever Kami. Maybe people aren't in shackles anymore but it still there.
Scratchie...they may not physically be shackled, but still are mentally!

A man or woman can date whoever he/she feels to, regardless of the colour of the person's skin. People still place much too much emphasis on the shadism I'm afraid...and living in certain countries only makes that emphasis more profound. Sad.

Remember the words of Bob Marley...."Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery...none but ourselves can free our minds!"
This world is very cruel. Atleast I learnt that in my life
how wunnah know it isnt a black woman dat vex dat he only dating white women and send him this note huh?
alright then
Fia! The man fi date who him want fi date! If he wants a white woman then that's his choice and no one should interfare. But as fo me Gimmi mi nice curve, big breasted, cute, phat ass, black woman, or any mixed with black.
Agree wid dat one Stunner....funny though, I never even realize that Derek Jeter was black until you said it!
many people in this world need tuh get a life. They just playa haters. He dates who he wants to date..
yah hear mi, I am thinking about this along the lines of what Jdid said. By now, I suspect black women are sick and tired of the few good black men they know of just up and jumping with some whiteys. It sounds 'racist' but then again, I've never bought this racism crap anyway!
I really do think it reeks of a sort of "uncle tom out of the closet-ness" (who else can make up terms like that but yours truly :) ) when black men will be with black women 'until' they hit the big times in their chosen career. Its almost as if the black women werent good enough.
Ofcourse, I could be linking two completely unrelated scenario's here so dont jump on my head for it.
That being said, I'd also like the women that read this to think about losing their man to a white person and think how much more it would hurt than merely losing the person fullstop.

You should be able to date who you want to as long as you don't make it a class issue. When your motives for dating outside your race is because you feel another is "better" then your own, then you've chosen an ignorant way to find a partner. But I personally feel you don't have to be obligated to date your own race, love wasn't made that way.
Fo real I date whoever I want. Color is skin deep and beauty isn't about race. There tonnes of beautiful black women with white guys too. It's just how the cookie crumbles and if mine crumbles in a chocolate jar I'll be happy and if it crumbles in a jar of another hue then thats love too and I shouldn't have to deal with wierd stares.
Abeni… “some people only see that he is black and not worthy of coming close to white women” --- Jdid has a good point… I know because it was also my first thought…

n.b. Uncle tom? Oreo? Coconut? Twinkie? In my personal experience, the people who use these terms most frequently, rarely fully understand their origins and implications, or the situation that they are passing judgment on…
When Alan Keyes supported Reagan’s reluctance to place sanctions on South Africa as punishment for Apartheid, no one cared that his motives were born out of concern that embargoes would only hurt the poorer [read *black] people there… He was simply an ‘uncle Tom.’

Disclaimer: Trouble is a half Chinese, half Portuguese, half Guyanese, half Trinidadian, half some other stuff, honkey looking when he ain’t been in the sun, who calls himself a Caymanian [based on the geographic region that he hails from], who’s current girlfriend [when she’s not mad at him] is a black, Dominican… Now he drinks vodka that’s Russian, when time ago him only used ta drink rum…

Ps. Who's Derek Jeeter?
Well,I don't think its written by a woman.I think it is someone who went to pains to ensure it could create doubts.As for me I don't care if a black man dates a white woman because I don't see it as a strike against me.
He probably thought it was okay after Mariah Carey.
Just saw a Jeter interview this weekend; and yes he is bi-racial (black father, white mother) and no this isn't the first time he's had to deal with racism. He said he'd been fending it off his whole life, light skin notwithstanding.
It's not okay, it upsets me to say women of my race or indeed black women getting corrupted, and the children that they produce are horrific, I'm not part of the actual Mixed Race= Disgrace Movement but I do sympathise.
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