Sunday, September 11, 2005


Lest we forget

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The thousands of innocents who died in the 9/11 events.The planes slamming into the WTC and persons jumping to their deaths remain the most chilling thing I have ever seen.Boarding an airplane has never been the same since I have seen first hand how they can be turned into weapons.May their souls rest in peace.


Very nice post, and an absolutely perfect picture. I still get the feeling that 9/11 and the Madrid bombings exactly 911 days later forever changed the world. Just the fact that the terrorist picked the date to mock the US' 9-1-1 emergency telephone network shows the cynical disregard of life.

Thanks for remembering
I really appreciate that post. I am from northern New Jersey, so I know people who lost their lives and many others who worked at the WTC including my father, who worked in the South Tower. I am extremely fortunate in that he survived the attacks. Terrorism has changed the world forever and 9/11 (for me especially) will always be a solemn and reflective day.

Thanks again.
My cousin was in one of the towers on the third floor as the first plane struck.

Horrible acts of terrorism have occurred around the world, ones equally worthy of note that have just disappeared off the radar of most people's thoughts.

This one struck the very nerve center of my soul and my heart goes out to all those affected, but at this time lets also remember the incidents that have occurred and continue to occur in other countries.

What really strikes me about this one though and makes it stand out is that this was not solely an attack on America, this was an attack on the free thinking world - which the twin towers were a testament to.
rest in peace to all those lost ones. it was a sad day
Remember it well...'twas the day after my birthday. There I stood drying off after showering for work while watching the TV and I saw the first plane hit! My thoughts...'is what wrong wid the pilot of that plane...visibility good...some serious pilot error a gwaan' By the time I'm dressed, I see the second one hit! WTF! Suppem not right!

By time I in de cyar a drive go work...I hear on the radio seh smoke a come from the Pentagon! OK then, America under seige.

May they and the souls of all people lost in acts of terrorism as well as those lost in natural disasters RIP. We really do not know what is in store for us or those close to us.
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