Thursday, September 22, 2005


From the mouths of babes

What will I be when I grow up?

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I wanted to be a doctor for a while.. then Auronautical Engineer.. then.. wanted to be a Comouter Engineer..then an Economist.. now thinking not to be anything.. hehehe.. Rather became an Eletrical/Computer Engineer .. and now a Software Engr..

umm makes no sense.. blah
Forget It
Love it :D
I object.....government workers do not sleep on the job...they just don't go to the job. :) Don't kill me now...just funning....
This is too cute! I want a government job!
lol perhaps it's just for internships an d perhaps this was just outta high school and ting - but working in Jamaica for government or private sector I got my own desk, but with nothing to do but play video games.
hilarious.... when my older sister was interning for the enegry department she would take 2 hours lunches or we would have 3 hour conversations online.... and they told her she was one of the best interns they had had there in a while.
ha't employees do scam to do the least amount of work as possible. Plus it take an act of congress to fire one. Lazy......err, that's why I'm a gov't employee!
Reach work at 10:30-11ish....lunch is 12-2:30 (or 3)....go in the bathroom to freshen up to leave at takes 30 minutes to do this...emerge at 4 to weekends, no public holidays....why the hell not! ;-)
LOL funny! Really cool. Hey question: Do Government employees actually work?
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