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Cosby Family

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Found this during some very random web surfing.First time I've seen a grown up photo of the cast and am wondering where is Denise(Lisa Bonet).Seems like this girl in somebody bad books. Doesn't Sondra(Sabrina Le Beauf) look amazing for some one in mid 40's.

On another note I used to love watching the show as a child and still like the idea of showing a black family that was successful.But,nowadays I can't even sit and watch more than five minutes of any one of the reruns.Olivia was truly an annoying child and Mrs Cosby and that smile grates on my nerves.Even back then I resented how Olivia just appeared and suddenly there was no more Rudy.Granted Rudy had left the cute kid stage but still it was as if she was put out to pasture.

Speaking of Rudy many Cosby fans feel let down(maybe too strong a term)that she appeared in a rap video in her skimpy oufit.Disturbing,is the way one my male friends describes it.True we grew up watching this wholesome little girl but I had to point out Rudy was just a character seeing he was taking it so personal.Keshia Knight Pulliam on the other hand is real, grown and doing whata lot of young women her age would do if given the opportunity.If she had done a porno flick like that little girl on Family Matters he probably would have needed counselling.

Anyway its good to see the grown up cast.I see Malcolm Jamal Warner on a sitcom,Raven has her show and last I Tempsett Bledsoe she was hosting some talk show.But where in the world is Lisa Bonet?

If I'm not mistaken, I believe Lisa got into drugs. Not 100% positive, but I think so. Hopefully she got help.

Can't blame Rudy for her video...as you say, she was just playing a role on Cosby.
Lisa Bonet and Cosby may still be on the outs over the way she exited A Different World.
Yeah, I think Lisa Bonet got into drug use either before or after she married Lenny Kravitz. I don't think Cosby likes her because of that and her nude photos. I think she's been doing very minor movie roles
Yeah... Lisa always was the coolest one...
I liked Lisa too,the rebel of the crew
i always like lisa...she was the coolest cosby kid. olivia was cute...but...i dont know...the show was still hot regardless. there was this special on tv about 2 years ago where they went back and did interviews with the cast. everyone was there, even the people that played bill and phylicia's parents. i was like WTF?
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the girl from family matters did a what???!

i can actually watch the cosby reruns but yes i do find mrs cosby too perfect. plus i dont know maybe its my skewed way of looking at things but have you ever noticed that all ok maybe 95% of all sitcoms the moms is the cool one and the dad is always the one who screws up or is an idiot?
yup,the one who played Laura sister did porn.Her mother blew her money or something like that and she ended up broke etc etc.Yup,most of the fathers are portrayed as idiots-Miss Cosby surely used to get her way all the time.
Nice group shot. It's good to see most of them doing their thig and being successful. most of these kid stars just fade away into obivilion.

Lisa, was the rebel and got caught up in the wrong hting and has been struggling ever since...Oh well such is life.
speaking as someone who just turned 40, I see this:

Doesn't Sondra (Sabrina Le Beauf) look amazing for some one in mid 40's.

and I say, Darn right!
Lisa always lived in an alternate universe...bohemian rasta pot- head...buogie girl with all the trimming, just tripping...I don't know if it was anymore drugs than Lenny that she did but they were always out there somewhere...She seems to raising her daughter with Lenny and doing nuffing else...she was in that Bikerz movie with Lawrence Fishburne and Lorenz Tate the last time I saw her...The Coz would not be able to tango wid real life grown up Lisa just like he could not deal wid his real daughter who was a dope-fiend. The Coz himself appears to live in his own alternate universe these dayz anyways.
Bwoy "Trudy" has certainly matured to a foine, hot woman! I want Trudy!

Di Cosby show was cool back in the days.
They look great. I'm proud of them all. Lisa probably refused to be a part of the update photo, who knows why.

things went downhill with Lisa after she made that really weird show with the witchcraft and nude scene. Haven't heard much from her since then. The cast still looks like the ideal black family and yes Sondra looks great.
Abeni, I gather you saw that show on former child stars where the Family Matters was there boohooing dat her mudda did spend all her money and she haffi get nekkid? People disgusting, yes.

Stunner, it's not TRUDY...that was the sista on "Facts of Life". The one on the Cos Show is RUDY.
Ms. Huckstible still look good. She was the prototype MILF for black television.

Lisa Bonet made "Angel Heart" with Robert Deniro and Micky Rourke then Bill cut her off.
yeah..i rmemeber watching a cosby show thing on A&E or something...and they commented that lisa bonet and cosby had some sort of turmoil...

wha de fack katie couric doing dey?...dis woman does border on annoying...
Lisa bone never had a drug problem. She left, after Cosby put in his two cents about the movie she made (she only showed her ass) and her not wanting to vaccinate her kids. I remember her in Biker Boyz and in Will Smith's Enemy of the State (or whatever). She really looks down on things she sees as corrupt and fake, plus she just has a different idealogy than Cosby-ites so they clashed.
and still i rise lisa bonet was sch a sweet heart
and still i rise lisa bonet was sch a sweet heart
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Still the best show ever!!! Better than some of the sitcoms today...hands down...The Cosby's
Devoted viewer
Lisa Bonet is a tough brat, Keisha Knight-Pulliam is cool, and Sabrina Le Beauf is the BEST!!!
Sabrina & Keshia have manners and I would have loved to have seen them instead of Lisa Bonet in my old neighborhood when she wished she owned the sidewalk!
Actually, for whoever thought Olivia was annoying, you are crazy. She was adorable and a wonderful little actress. Still is. She looked like me when I was a little girl.
Solitair, it was not TRUDY on Facts of Life... it was TOOTIE
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is her name tempsett or was that just a typo on the credits? AND if it is tempsett do you pronounce that temp-sett ? or did her mom just write it down wrong on her birth cert. ? i know i have a nephew called micheal cos my sister cant spell ;p
.whuu ihz dhAt womAn besidee Mr. Bill Cosby?
This is a good blog. Keep up all the work. I too love blogging and expressing my opinions. Thanks
the best family ever!my favourite carachters are lisa dr huxtable and sandra!
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