Friday, September 09, 2005


Bye,Bye Thongs

According to MSN Today thongs are officially out and big pants are in.I guess some heartbroken men are screaming No very loudly.After all thongs are the stuff songs are made of,ask Sisqo and closer to home MAddzart.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNot to worry gentlemen,sexy boy shorts and other underwear are supposedly going to be the new craze and women will no longer have to endure the discomfort of thongs.Oh,the things we endure in the name of fashion.

I figure thongs made an entry to solve the "problem" of visible panty lines.Now,I never understood what was so criminal about visible panty lines,after all if we wear the garments then lines are to be expected.

Image hosted by Then somewhere along the line thong as outerwear became fashionable. It seemed like everywhere you turned a thong was peeping out from the back of some woman's low rise or regular pants.And then some women would try to pull their shirts over when sitting or just ignore it.For me,the thong as outerwear was plain tacky but then again am often accused of being oldfashioned.But seriously, there is a reason why it is called underwear,right? Given the rate at which underwear is becoming more and more visible an outfit may soon consist of a jazzy matching bra and panty set.

So,boys and girls what's your preference?

well the women already wearing them lacy tops this summer so underwaer as outerwear already hit (more on a blog coming near you next week)

the boyshorts nice, the thongs nice i aint complaining if the women wear either
and yea aint sure what the criminal
sorry got cut off there, was saying an i aint sure waht was criminal about the panty lines.
I have both thongs and boy shorts, I wear them as underwear (Never outer)

I don't like panty lines I like the appearance of smooth bootay.

And I do match my bra panties.

Have a good weekend!
I still wear thongs, but boy shorts are my thing now....specially lace ones....i NEVER DID get used to that thong as outerwear thing though...smh....autrocity
los dos para mi....thongs with certain clothes and boy shorts for others eventhough, I still feel dat boy short were mad for dem white gals dem wid nuh batty. we africians wimmens dat got plenty back dey doan fear too well wid de boy shorts atall....
I've noticed boy shorts don't fit well on sistas (they rip). The thong is going to have to stay.......
NOOOO!!! Thongs must stay! How can they replace a thong!

Big panties are definatelly a no-no. The worst thing is to see a sexy big but girl in a tight white pants and the awful panty lines printing out.

The outer-underwear style i could never understand,
I'm easy to please, I like the thongs and the shorts, inner wear and outerwear.... I also like when women wear Nothing at all! :)
I don't care if your panty lines show either.
Its all good.
As Sisqo sang "Let me see that thong thong thong thong". I like girls in both the thongs and the shorts.
Just came across your blog...Very nice.

I run an HIV/AIDS prevention organization in my community. What ever it is you're doing, please keep it up.
Apparently I have to hand in my sister card cos the boy shorts fit perfectly.
You won't hear any complaints from me although I will say that there is a time and place for everything.
Inever got used to thongs I just wear them for like 2 minutes if you know what i mean but i so love the boy shorts its my new favourite thing to wear love them.
Hate panty lines.
Maybe I'm too old fashioned, but thongs stick out of the tops of pants is about as sexy as butt crack on a plumber.

It's not the underwear that make the woman sexy, it's the woman that makes the underwear sexy. You've got it, or you don't. :)

I saw a Style magazine article recently that said visible panty lines is the number one fashion no no. I don't get that, frankly. Who cares?
i happen to really like boy shorts .i dont own a pair...but i still think they're cute. thongs are alright as long as girls aren't showing them to the world...they look better on girls with fat asses (pause). the boy shorts look good on girls with small to no asses (pause)
Da boy shorts are more comfortable n e wayz ;)
I refuse to give up my thongs! Check out my new spot at
I'm with Mad Bull on this one... I suppose great minds do think alike... I also saw the recent VPL denouncement as the #1 fashion 'Don't' by all those old ladies and homosexual men that know all about that haut couture stuff... Personally, I prefer nothing at all [big surprise] closely followed by thongs... Coincidentally, 99% of girls I've dated wore thongs [when they wore anything] and all swore that they were the most comfortable style of underwear...
I am not a fan of the big panties. I wear a thong or nothing at all most times. I am one of those women who wear clothes more out of necessity and for social acceptance. On the inside, I'd like to shoot Adam and Eve for sinning and the woman who invented the bra! Au naturale for me .. it is the most comfortable way to go!
Bras are definitely not my fave piece of clothing.I was one the few girls in sixth form who would wear a vest sometimes just not to wear a bra
Panties/tights should be banned immediately they are disgusting.There is nothing worse than seeing a beautiful ass ruined by a lazy woman who cannot be bothered to wear a thong.As for tights they are unhealty and a turn off to all men they are also the most disgusting thing that a woman can wear. They are usually again worn by lazy women who will not get up off their ass and spend the extra few minutes pulling on some stockings and or suspenders.Viva le thong/stockings/suspenders/heels and sexy steel heel boots.
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Thongs look great and the should never be put out of style, sorry but it is really sexy when a woman has a thong sticking out.
thongs are soooooo sexy. fuck the shorts. thongs all the way. it just exentuates the womans ass
Absolutely love seeing a thong on an attractive women. So very, very sexy. Why would a woman want to wear anything else?!?
Steve O
I guess I'm caught in between thongs and regular panties. I don't think it's all that sexy seeing thongs showing above jeans, it just looks like stretched out drawers. My girlfriend wears both and wears thongs under tight clothes and that's fine but when I see her prancing in little cotton bikinis I get really turned on. Not long ago I saw Jessica Alba in a see-through dress and she had on white bikinis and that was just so sexy!
thongs are sooo sexy! my girlfriend wears thongs daily but its always nice to see her in boyshorts. no granny panties though. GROSS!
Thongs Thongs and nothin but thongs. No other type of underwear can match up 2 it and no other type of underwear can turn more people on I've even turned my friends into lesbians from my thong. Plus thongs are great for wedgies
I love to wear both and I don't really care if you can see my pantyline or my thong at the waist. I love wearing white pants or shorts and normally wear lace panties underneath. if you are looking at my butt, then you are going to see my panties. I'm a guy, by the way. does anyone ever see a guys pantylines?
I am a mature guy and my 'sport' is womens underwear I just love the chase of seeing it above outer clothing. I am like a hunter stalking his prey, my 'kill' is having such an intimacy 'revealed' to me.

Some girls do it on purpose, the fashion here in the UK is for a flash of knicker at the front of the jeans. This makes it
more probable to get caught gazing.

My ultimate is the unintentional show from the rear, the lady bends down etc., I the hunter are there to view.

To hell with it I don't watch much TV and I'm just a guy
yeah you guys are dumb assholes, thongs are still in style and are sexy as hell. So, yeah your wrong, they're not out of style.
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There is a reason why they are called "boy" shorts - because they make an otherwise attractive woman look like, well, a boy. Blerch. Any guy who likes them is probably a closeted gay, and any woman who thinks "boy shorts" or "granny pants" are even vaguely attractive is an airhead living in a cloud-cuckoo land. Less is more. Stick to bikinis and g-strings. Or enjoy being a 60-year-old spinster with lots of cats.
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I purposefully wear thongs and low rise jeans that make them show. Thongs help keep me sexually charged.

I just think its hot to have all the guys stare at my ass when they see my bending over.

my boobs and ass are small, my face is rough from all the acne I had in my teenage years, and I am just not that attractive, but when my thong shows and guys look at me, I feel like I am a beautiful model. That may be silly for you all, but when I can't get guys to look at my any other way, it really feels good.
I'm sorry thongs have never gone out of fashion just girls stopped buying so many in so little time. Now it's just a gradual thing.
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