Monday, September 05, 2005


Bedside Manner

Am assuming most of us would have some story about less than proper medical care.Speaking for myself,once a junior doctor started to put in an IV,excused herself saying she would be back shortly and completely forgot about me.Then,there was another instance where I had to have a second surgical procedure to correct an error.Some of the issues you can easily excuse as just part of being human(e,g the IV incident)rather than being incompetent or negligent.The truth is we are all prone to err although in some cases our error may be the difference between life and death.Still,I won't like to meet this doctor at all:

TOKYO (Reuters) - "Trust me, I'm a doctor" wouldn't describe one Japanese medic who has landed in hot water after hitting and abusing a patient during surgery.

The elderly female patient at a hospital in Shiga, central Japan, was given a local anaesthetic for an unspecified operation early last month, but began thrashing around on the operating table and yelling at the doctor to stop.

After trying to persuade her to calm down, the doctor hit the patient on the forehead and yelled at her to shut up, a hospital spokesman said. The patient needed five days to recover from the injury to her forehead.

The operation was re-conducted last week by another doctor.

I wonder what suspension time he is looking at.

I bet he is facing more than just suspension time.
Assuming that the story is true that Doc could get into hot water. If an enquiry was held and I was asked to sit in on it and vote, I don't think I would vote in favour of the Doc.

Having said what I did above, I can tell you that it can be difficlut to maintain one's 'bedside manner' with some patients. Believe me, you can go outta you way to do the best for them and have them criticize and ridicule you. Thankfully, these types of patients are in the minority.

Not covering up for my profession Kami, but like anything else..its the foul ups that make news. The good that Docs and nurses do on a daily basis is rarely highlighted.
I'm guessing the Japanese doc may be facing assault charges and I'd like to believe that he is in the minority.
He lucky that her family not out looking for him to get "satisfaction".
I wonder if he's still practicing. I guess he needed to sedate her, but hitting the patient like that is too drastic!
what a shame
That doctor gives good doctors a bad name!

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