Wednesday, August 10, 2005



Two of the jurors who voted to acquit singer Michael Jackson of child molestation and other charges say they regret their decisions.

Jurors Eleanor Cook and Ray Hultman, who both have pending book deals, said in a televised interview Monday night that they believed the singer's young accuser was sexually assaulted.
'No doubt in my mind whatsoever, that boy was molested, and I also think he enjoyed to some degree being Michael Jackson's toy,' Cook said on MSNBC's 'Rita Cosby: Live and Direct.'

Jackson defense attorney Tom Mesereau dismissed the jurors' comments as 'embarrassing and outrageous.' ""These people voted not guilty," Mesereau said. "Now almost two months after being discharged from their responsibilities as jurors, they're now changing their tune. I think it's laughable."

Cook and Hultman said they agreed to go along with the other jurors when it became apparent that they would never convict the pop star.

So why the sudden conscience attacks? These people had a chance to stand by their convictions yet allowed themselves to be swayed.Laughable indeed but more than likely they will laugh their way to the bank

too little too late. publicity stunt.
"Jurors Eleanor Cook and Ray Hultman, who both have pending book deals...."

You yawned. I say...who farted!?

Thats the way to go in the States. Tell your story on national TV, write your book and you gone clear!
unfortunately, amaerica is a fagot ass nation of capitalist who more concerned with making a buck by any means necessary than truth and justice.
ya neva know that when ya wanta sell something ya need publicity? alright then. so when you publish you memoires ya gine gotta come with something scandalous first
De two ah dem want dragging back into court and charge wid obstruction ah justice. Dam frauds bare publicity stunt dis...chuupse
At this point, they've already decided he wasn't guilty, so these two jurors need to sit their behinds down somewhere. And I love "And Still I Rise."
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