Wednesday, August 03, 2005


The thing called Life

Ever felt like you were finally getting your life on track only to have it derail again?If yes,then you would understand what am getting at.The frustrating thing is when it is a replay of earlier parts of your life that you thought you won't have to face again. Even scarier is the thought that one day you may just not have the energy to fight anymore.Then what?

Then you pick yourself up, shake the dust off and throw another punch. That's all I've manage to figure out.
That is just life. :) Full of fun, surprises and amazing stories
I can totally relate to you. sometimes life feels like a process of overcoming challenges set up to just break you down. And yes one day you may not have the energy to fight anymore, but you have to always remind yourself this is not the day...
Well, based upon my life, its always like Shotta and Dorna have said. I see life like a big test, a challenge, and as you go through it, you learn things... Its hard work, but as both Dorna and Shotta said, you just have to keep fighting it.

Good luck!
I know exactly how you feel! Welcome to my world! It sucks, I know, but I've found that you have to find the lesson in all. Somewhere buried underneath the drama and frustation is a lesson that we keep missing which is why certain things keep happening. And sometimes, it just that we have keep going through it until we're made stronger. I hope all is well! Take care!
Then you take a deep breath and fight some more. The deep breath meaning literally or figuratively by taking some time off to reflect and renew. Giving up is not an option. I learnd that the hard way a few yrs ago. So breathe Kami and push along.
doan worry girl, such is life. ya gine mek it through
Well... Everyone else got here first and pretty much competently hammered out the answer... Soooo... I'm just going to add... Do what I do... Get drunk, pick-up two cute tourists, and have a threesome on the front steps of the legislative assembly building 'till the cops get there...
Unless of course that is one of those 'replays of earlier parts of your life' that you were talking about... Then... Scratch that...
Hush Kami...we all have our periods like this. Life is like a road...sometimes the drive is smooth and easy, sometimes we drop into potholes and dent our rims, buss our tyres, put the fornt end out of alignment. It slow us down and we cuss whole heap o claat. But, we haffi fix the cyar in order to continue the journey. We learn from the setbacks, as much of a hindrance as they can be. We become wiser better individuals.

And, like Trouble said, sometimes we just have to have a drink in order to forget the rough periods, if even momentarily.

Take nuh as bad as it might seem.
Well I heard somethink that lite my day. It was said so gracefully by Bishop Eddie Long, he said "The deeper the hurt, the greater the destiny." Keep living for in the Bible it promises for a better day.
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