Friday, August 05, 2005


Goodbye AJ And Free

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I can't believe I forgot to mention that AJ and Free have left BET's 106 and Park.Last Thursday was supposed to be the final show but Free was MIA and it was rumored that she had actually quit before.So it was left to AJ to announce that this was the end of the road for them.

I remember when they first started they weren't that good but over time they got better.And in the process the show became the spot to market music to black audiences.Even my homeboy Kevin Lyttle was a guest causing almost all of Vincy Land to tune in.Am gonna miss them but maybe it was time for them to branch out given all the rumours that were circulating.

the rumours were that AJ was on the firingblock for a while but now with his contract up they didnt want to renegotiate

also i read something saying that Free was 37 I dont know if thats true or not but if it is i say she looks good for her age.
Part of it may also be due to the fact that both have so many side projects going on...Free her music and AJ promoting and starring in (U. Pick. a Negro) comedies on UPN. TO be honest they have been prolly the best example that practice makes perfect, when they debuted on BET I nearly cried because I thought they were such terrible reps for blacks and no talent hacks, but I must say they have improved and have almost made 106 and Park watchable. However, that being said, that show has strayed so much from its original premise that I am surprised that they dont just start calling it MTV and park. What is with all this crap of featuring the audience as a MAJOR part of the show ("Looking for the wildest audience member") and the constant need to have peeps come on and shill. I wish it was more like Rap city which is also declining, but still at least gives me a better chance to see music and catch a little music news at the same time
I remember the episode that had Beenie Man on it and he started to teach free how to wine. I guess what we got left is memories like that one.
That audience thing is as irritating as Oprah's.I guess I'll see AJ on Extra.Btw,Jdid you know he married to a Bajan girl?
yea i heard. apparently she's a doctor or something

actually my favorite 106 and park memory has got to AJ giving Janet (pre breast exposure) a lapdance. dude was really into it.
I am so out of touch I kept wondering who are these new people am I getting old because I really think that show is annoying I just watched this week to get a look at Damien Marley's video I liked Free because she was not super skinny and its nice to see women with shape on tv.
Bwoy, I doh watch dem tings, so I have no idea 'bout any o dem!
i hate that free is so old and they just hid it like that. truthfully it kind of makes me not like her. i feel almost as if she's a fraud.
Why u hate she old cause, she don't want u and she still looks young, well I grew up with her and she will always be the shit in my book. And free. U look damn good no matter how old u are. Haters are everywhere .
Ur mad cause u can't have her and she look damn good for her age. That's them good gems. And free u still look good girl. I grew up with her and her brother, we are straight from the bean. Don't hate on her, cause she still getting paper no matter what . And looks young.
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