Saturday, August 20, 2005


Forget Sex-Watch TV

Trinidad Express

Forget sex and watch television to control the number of children you have.

That was the personal advice Prime Minister Patrick Manning had for residents of Thompson Gardens, Tarouba, who last week protested for better living conditions.

Our view is that you should only have the number of children you could support,he told the residents, mainly relocated squatters, at a cottage meeting in the area on Monday night.

Manning shared with residents the fact that he was the father of two boys and they are costing me a fortune to upkeep.

He warned them not to have more children than they could afford to maintain.

Manning said that one way to practise effective birth control was to buy a television and instead of doing other things, keep looking at the programmes until you fall asleep.

Manning's comments were in obvious reference to the spiralling increase in births in squatting areas.

Alluding to the increase in the number of houses required as part of the growing population, Manning said the Government's policy was to build houses in areas where people have been squatting.

You have a lot of squatting in San Fernando East,he said. Thompson Gardens is in San Fernando East which is Manning's constituency.

Manning said Government recognised that the majority of squatters occupy State lands because they have no other choice.

He said a backlog of some 100,000 houses were needed and Government planned to deal with that situation over a ten-year period. He announced that already the public sector had built 7,950 houses and the private sector 2,000."

Forget TV??!!

Kiss teet!

I say use boots (condoms) every time. Do not breed unwanted pickney. But that also falls on deaf ears.
LoL! very loud! When you have these ppl around, who needs to pay to see Oliver? They gone put di man and his big production out of bizniz!

He sounds like he took a page out of Bill Cosby's book of solutions for poor, disenfranchised, non-right-acting folks.
I saw that and I was thinking hasn't he ever gotten horny from watching a movie especially the kinds of movies on tv these days he should just suggest that people use protection cheaper than buying a tv.
i still maintain if you dont know what to say ya shud always keep ya mout shut. manning head gone
Very effective birth control technique. Yup. Right up there with the Rhythm Method.
Anytime we see people making babies quickly we would say they need a tv.It was really funny to hear Manning saying it.
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Actually, what he is saying is a good thing! Essentially he is saying 'Control the number of kids you have.". He offers a method, maybe it works for him, I don't know... if that won't work for you, well, the central method is sound! "Control the numner of kids you have!". That is the goal. You can try to find the route to that goal that suits you.
Good message, IMHO. :-)
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