Monday, August 01, 2005


Emancipation Day

Today,Aug 1st ,marks 167 years of Emancipation and although the event was monumental the day has almost become just another meaningless holiday.By that I mean that we ( or most of us) do not see the day as having any direct bearing or relevance to us.None of us were enslaved-we know no one who endured the horrors of slavery hence the disconnected feelings.

This year there is an effort to organise rallies etc at a national level to sensitise persons to the African struggle.It has been long in coming but I suppose it is a case of better late than never since generally we pay lip service to these events.We do not lift up our victories (and there are many)neither do we use the experience of an enslaved race as blocks on which to build.Instead slavery is often used a crutch-the explanation to why we don't achieve what we ought to.

Then,there are the self image issues that needs to be corrected.167 years after Emancipation too many people still believe in the concept of "good hair" and that the lighter the skin the prettier you are.Shouldn't we have a better sense of self by now? There is still a ways to go before we free our selves of all the negative labels and accept ourselves for who we are. In the words of Marley there is a need for emancipation from mental slavery as well.Nevertheless,when I reflect on the horrors the foreparents underwent how can I not be thankful for Aug 1

Sucks for me Cali; since I have no one to commemorate the day with me.
True words girl, too true.
I like the point that we should look at overcoming the experience of slavery as a strength within our people as opposed to entirely as an excuse for where we are at today.
You have a good one Kami!
I feel that! depends on where you're at in Cali. I lived in LA for 7 years....there are pockets of West Indians in that sprawling city!
Happy Emancipation! We celibrate emacipation here in Trinidad too its a big deal the Nigerian president is here and there was a street parade this morning.
happy emancipation. you speak very true words
We don't celebrate it here. :( We should though...
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