Friday, August 26, 2005


Child sex-Mother of abused girl wants ‘justice’

by Kenton Chance

A Central Kingstown woman, who says three men sexually molested her daughter, wants “justice”. Even though the matter has been disposed of in the Court, the mother is still not satisfied.

“I will like them [the authorities] to jail them [the abusers of her child]. ‘Cause they done the child tha’ thing dey,” the 33-year-old mother of seven told THE VINCENTIAN during an interview last week Tuesday, August 16.

She was referring to a series of incidents in which she said a man and his son had anal sex with and otherwise sexually and physically abused her nine-year-old daughter. She said another man, associated with the others, had deep kissed her young daughter.

She said seeing the men jailed will give her a sense of satisfaction, causing her to feel “justice” has indeed been served.

The woman said the youngest of the men allegedly involved was charged with the crime and, since he is a minor, his father was ordered to pay the court $800.

The woman, who is pregnant with her eighth child, related her story to THE VINCENTIAN during an interview last week Tuesday.

She said she became worried about her daughter’s well-being last December after the Grade-three-student began to faint regularly and lost her appetite.

The woman said she asked her daughter what was wrong and the daughter said she wanted to be transferred to another school.

“When ah aint sen’ she school, nothin’ aint hap’nin’. When ah sen’ she school, she comin’ home beat up,” The woman told THE VINCENTIAN.

The woman said she subsequently found stool and blood in her daughter’s underwear and went to the
school to speak with her class teacher.

Discussion with her daughter’s class teacher and parents of other students at the school revealed that two men, one of whom pretended to be the child’s stepfather, picked her up after school and had had anal sex with the minor inside the school washroom.

She also found out that the men were her neighbours, with whom she had a good relationship. “We aint livin’ in no war thing,” the woman told THE VINCENTIAN.

This, according to her account, changed after the woman met the man’s son and her daughter naked in her house in February this year.

This incident was reported to the police and a case was filed, at the conclusion of which the young boy’s father was fined.

When THE VINCENTIAN asked the girl, if anyone had done anything out of the ordinary to her or had done her anything that made her uncomfortable, she initially said “No”.

She subsequently said that two men, whom she identified by name and whom she said she met during a visit to her father’s house, “raped” her in the bathroom at her school. She said that the man wanted her to remove her underwear and when she refused he told his son to get a stone and the man struck her in her head with it.

She could not remember how many times the men had sexually abused her. The girl also told THE VINCENTIAN that she did not want to go back to that primary school. Her mother is in the process of transferring her to another school.

When asked why she did not tell anyone about what had happened, the girl said the men had told that that they would have killed her and her mother if she had told anyone about what was happening.

The woman also had photocopies of two related handwritten letters addressed to “The Honourable President” [of the Family Court] and a medical certificate from a private medical centre here.

The medical certificate, dated March 11th, signed by a local doctor and referring to the child in question by name, age and address, stated:

“This young girl was seen by me on March 11th 2005 with a history of sexual abuse (as stated by the mother).
“Examination at the time revealed that the hymen was intact although entrance with a little finger was possible.”

The letters to the family court, dated August 2, 2005, sought to explain the incidents and to plead for “justice”.

When will these stories end ?

Its a sick sad world we live in, unfortunately.
Horrible story.

"The woman, who is pregnant with her eighth child...." What's up with that? Eight pickney? Why? She need some serious birth control counselling...but the horse done gone through de gate long time!
that is a terrible story
Doc.Same old story where the poor make more children than they can look after.33 and on to your eighth is recipe for nuff frustration!
It's horrible that people exist who are capable of these kinda acts.
The courts have disposed of the matter? How? Am I missing something here? Why aren't these SOBs in jail? Did the prosecution bugger up the case?

This IS a terrible story. The frustrating thing about it for me is not being able to just fix it.

The world is neither fair, nor kind. Yet, I think it's the way it is, partially, not exclusively because of what bad people do, but for what good people don't do.

I don't own any of his CD's but I have much respect for Ricky Martin for his work outside of the music industry.

Just thought I'd share something about a man who's doing something to champion those who can't fight for themselves.
Keep thinking out loud!
Joel.I share your thought that the world is bad because of what good people don't.What I find frustrating is that people on hearing these stories just shrug because to them they are commonplace.Can't we at least talk to young people about the dangers and encourage them to speak up if they get hurt? May not save the world but at least the difference may be made in one person's life.
This stroy is about horrible things happening to a young child, and y'all are taking swats at her mother, and how many kids you think she should have? What's wrong with you?
Let me ask something... with all this talk, the doctor says the hymen is still intact! So... these men just deal with bottom then? I sure say I read say there was talk of anal sex! So no hymen is there, but if therer was repeated forced entry in the rectum of a nine year old girl by at least one adult, they should be able to see that something untoward had occurred in that area> Now I'm no expert, but it seems logical to me! What the doctor had to say about the anal business? Thats what I want to know. Whose side the doctor was on? Or is bullcrap the girl and her mother was dishing out? And if it is all true... So what? Gun hard to come by in St. Vincent or wah? Me sure say cutlass readily available though! :-(
Oh my sad and deeply disturbing!
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