Monday, August 22, 2005


But God.....

Sometimes,things happen that make you just have to question God as you wonder how much suffering any one person is supposed to take.It is said that God never gives us more than we can bear but in the midst of the trials it surely does not feel that way.

Last night I had to tell a 16 yr old it was okay to die and it fills me with so much anger and sadness.Here is a young man who endured an abusive childhood and was finally finding peace with his new family.Then,he was diagnosed with leukemia and finally taken off chemo about six weeks ago.He was so happy to have beaten it,every little victory such as hair beginning to grow out was a cause for celebration.Life was looking up and all his dreams of going to college etc once more took centre stage.But,the joy was shortlived because doctors have just found out the cancer has moved to his spine.And I cannot help but ask why.

For the first time since all this stuff began am scared for him.Although he has not given up he is seeing the possibility that he could die and that terrifies him.No 16 year old should have to ask anyone if its okay to give up if he gets too tired.That is just so wrong but if the person gets to be too tired then we who love them would just have to let go.And letting go is the hardest part.

such a burden on such a young life. But he seems to be handling it all well. I have a friend who is suffering terribly from diabetes and kidney failure. She stays in the hospital. recently she has lost part of one foot and another part of the other. She's gone blind in one eye and her health deteoriates daily, but when you speak to her, she has the best of spirits and always talks and hopes of one day returning to her old self and to work.

Tell your little friend to have hopes and dreams and that when his name is called, he'll be ready in his heart to face the Almighty.
i cant really say anything except we cant really know why anything happens to anyone. sometimes it just looks so unfair but well them mysteries beyond me, i dont know why them tings happen, all i can do is pray and just leff it up to GOd
There are some things in life Kami that can easily make us question God. Some people may say we shouldn't. I don't think that it distances us from Him. Perhaps, IMHO it gives a better understanding and respect for Him...but that's just my thoughts.

Why are there millions starving in some nations and in others food is being wasted? Why do people have to endure terminal illnesses? Why can'e ask God these questions?

I feel we never get the answers to these questions, not in this life anyway.

For your friend, yes he is young to have to face what he is going through, but perhaps that is simply God's plan for him. In the end, I am always one who feels that in illnesses like cancer, if the treatment is worse than the disease, then allow me to go in dignity. The constant jooking, poking and prodding with the potential side effects of ant cancer drugs can become overwhelming. We looking on, do not necessarily understnad what they are expereincing and often want them to hold on. But this is unfair to them. When things look grim, yes, it is alright to hard as that may be for us as loved ones to accept. Do what you can to help, be there for him as a freind, etc. In the event that the ultimate does happen, that you will have no regrets on which to ponder. Pray for him, I will too.
I'm currently a questioning christian and openly wonder about these things. Our view on life is so finite - we can only speculate about a lot of the experiences of the generations before us and we can only predict what a lot of the experiences of future generations will be like and if there are other realms (heaven, hell, a spitual world) we lack so much knowledge about them.

Combining these uncertainties with elements in the bible that just seem improbable (unless perhaps explained in a metophoric sense) and then with the pain and suffering that exists in this world and it is hard to do anything but question.

Despite all this, there is something in me that clings to believing in God and I'll be saying a prayer to him about this. I can only imagine the internal struggle you are dealing with where all of this is concerned but as Dr. D. says be there for your friend and be optimistic around him.
"I'm currently a questioning christian "

Shotta M, that's probably exactly how I would describe myself.

Anyway, there will be some lesson and some good that comes out of his suffering. We just don tknow it yet. I guess you may call him a sacrifice.

If his family can afford it, let them look at alternative treatments. That chemotherapy thing sometimes does more harm thatn good. So I hear.
As a practising 'Western' physician, I would in response to Yamfoot's comment say, be cautious when seeking 'alternative' or 'complimentary' medicine, particularly when it comes to disease like cancer.

The side effects of chemotherapeutic agents are well known, but there are lots of folks who are still in the land of the living, thanks to them.

Enuff said.
I know what you mean though Kami. I'll keep your friend in prayers.
that's got to be difficult! whenever, i find myself questioning god...i always remember something that i got in a random forward: Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible! FAITH MAKES THINGS POSSIBLE, NOT EASY! never lose faith in God's glory!
never lose faith in God's glory!
That's true.
Its a rough story indeed. Spend time with the guy, try to make him feel loved, and help him prepare himself. If its not his time, he'll make it, but if it is, big tings soon present themselves. I hear that we are kept very busy once we cross over... at least he won't be bored.
Oh my. This is so sad. The young man has barely seen anything and he has to face the possibility of death. It is unfair. So many people take life for granted while others are fighting to stay alive.
Bless him, poor thing. It sounds like he has alot of courage.
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