Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Bday Girl

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Another year of life.So much to be thankful for and despite all the bumps in the road am still here and still rising.

PS.Arrangements can be made to collect presents

I'd like to send you a book :)
Happy B-day Kami.. Enjoy and be blessed for many more
Hi Kami, Happy Birthday to you...I only deliver presents in person so you know what you have to do ;)
Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday! *in my best Stevie Wonder voice*
happy birthday kami
Felicitations. Are you going to partay? :)
Happy birthday, Kami! I had no idea... you secretive bwoy! Anyway go on out ahd have nuff fun!
Happy Day!
happy birthday.

do something special.

this age comes only once....(but if you find out how to make it come twice, lemme know!)
Happy Birthday Kami.....the cheque is in the mail ;-)
I would have wished you a Happy Birthday yesterday… But I was out celebrating for you… Okay technically I was celebrating for me… But now that I know it was your Birthday… I dedicate all of last nights celebrating to you…
For your present… I HEREBY DECREE TO ALL… That you are now officially too old to date me… Congratulations…
Thanks.Trouble,is this your way of telling me am over the hill:)
Happy bday to you girlfriend hope you had lots of fun.
Go! Go! its (was) your
Happy Belated!
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