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Analyse this

Father Kills Son, 3, for Being “Gay”

The Tampa, Florida, murder trial of Ronnie Paris, Jr., 21, has begun for the January murder of his 3-year old son, also named Ronnie.

Nysheerah Paris, the child’s mother, testified that his father didn’t want the little boy to grow up to be a “sissy.”

Shanita Powell, Nysheerah’s sister, told the court, “He was trying to teach him how to fight. He was worried that the child might be gay.”

Sheldon Bostic, a Bible-study friend of the alleged perpetrator said that he had warned him not to play so rough with his son, the Tampa Tribune reported.

“He really did what other fathers do—slap box,” Bostic said. “He always said he didn’t want his son growing up to be pushed around. He didn’t want him to be a sissy.”


What behaviour from a 3 yr old demonstrates gay tendencies? This story beyond sick

3 yrs old? I hope he is put behind bars forever...or better still, removed from the face of the earth!
That's straight up sick.
no .....seriously...what in a 3 year old gonna tell you about being gay or not gay.......
Guys... Do not forget that there is more than one side to every story.
1)"Father Kills Son, 3, for Being Gay" - This headline is intentionally meant to grab attention and incite emotion & disgust.
2) This is the www.gaycitynews.com spin on this tragic incident.
3) The mother was quoted saying "his father didn’t want the little boy to grow up to be a sissy"... Neither did my father.
4) The mother's sister was the only person quoted mentioning "gay" (is she expected to be impartial?) She also mentions "teaching to fight"
5) The friend said "not to 'play' so rough with his son", "He did what other fathers do-slap box" and "he didn’t want his son to be pushed around"
6) The word 'gay' was mentioned once, in heresay, by a party that cannot possibly be expected to be impartial... And because this particular media has picked-up that word and spun it to suit their own agenda, added a sickening and sensationalistic tag... We immediately judge, convict and execute this man.
7) I IN NO WAY CONDONE THE SENSELESS KILLING of an innocent child... But it is just as WRONG to judge a man without considering ALL sides of the story.
8) There is little doubt that this Tampa man named Ronnie Jr. who named his son Ronnie also (common threads suggesting he may well fall into the societal category commonly known as 'redneck') worried about his son, and wanted him to be tough, so as to more easily handle the trials of life.
9) So he did what most every father does... He rough-housed with the kid. The extent of which was obviously not kept in check. Resulting in a tragic death of an innocent.
10) Being a father of two young boys myself, them being gay or straight matters not to me... Them being beaten senseless in the corner of the schoolyard does (as it happened many times to me before I was taught to defend myself - it's a 'man' thing girls...)
11) I am certain from what I read, that this unfortunate man has experienced the ultimate loss that a parent can feel, one that every parent who feels even a remote connection with their children fears... Accidentally killing them. (... I used to check their breath with a mirror several times a night for the first year fearing SIDS) He must now live with it for the rest of his life.
12) There must always be an investigation/trial when there is a death of a todler under suspicious circumstances (the first instance under 1 year old is USUALLY ruled SIDS, further ones are always investigated as murder)
13) My guess is if they try him for Murder, he will be aquitted. If the have a secondary charge of Manslaughter 1 or 2, me may get a probationary sentence... Does that prove his intent? Who knows but him & his god.

Sorry about the lengthy comment...
Well done trouble, I agree that the headline appears to be sensational and hard to reconcile with much of the rest of the article and I am sure that a gay news source would not be considered an impartial source for news. Whatever the overall reason for the death, it is just sad, accidental; murder; hate crime (dumb name by the way since most crimes are fueled by hate); or whatever.
wow trouble really broke it down. well done cause i was wondering what type of man would think his kid is gat at 3. come on now.
So true Trouble. We have come to the point that we accept as gospel almost anything the media puts out. I mean I just did. My first thought on this was wow what a sick act. I judged him guilty because of the words of the media and not on objective evidence.
Trouble does have a point. We don't really know what happened there or what that man was feeling/thinking. However, I know a woman that flipped out when her 3 year old told her he wanted to be a "Pretty Pink Princess". Now he is only 3 and he spends all of his time with her adolecent sister and female cousins. But that didn't stop her from screaming at him and even poping him when he began to dance around the room. Just because it seems hard to imagine that someone could commit a "hate crime" on a child, doesn't mean it didn't happen. We'll never really know what happened, just that a child is dead.
Stop making excuses for the father! This is always the case in a patriarchal society! The victim is to blame! The father is a jerk an ass hole, the most scum of the Earth! He deserves to be tortured and killed! Stop giving excuses that one has to "toughen" up the child blah, blah, blah crap! Why are there bullies and boys fighting with each other? HELLO!!! Because the fucking fathers are perpetuating this vicious cycle of violence! Boxing, fighting is admired and looked up to by patriarchal women and men. This has to stop! The father is guilty plain and simple. He is obviously homophobic and heterosexist!
get it anonymous! furthermore, i rough housed plenty in my day... but how far must this guy have gone with his 3 yr old to kill him???????? stop raising your children to be violent assholes.
Many thanks.
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