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What's in a name

Well,according to who you ask it doesn't really matter what your parents call you.After all they say a rose by any name would smell just as sweet.But seriously don't you just feel sorry for some children and the names that their parents saddle them with? There are some names that I just dislike and here am talking mainly of the ghettofabulous ones like the Laquentas,Lashaundrias,Brashondas etc.When I hear some of these names I wonder what ever happened to the simple less exotic sounding names.

Anyway,Saturday am watching VH1 and they are doing this feature on weird celebrity baby names.I had to wonder what drug these celebrities were on when they came up the following names for their newborns.Toni Braxton called her sons Denim and Diesel which proves she has a jeans fetish.Ving Rhames tried to be extra cute and called his daughter Reign Beau,Lil Mo's daughter is God'iss Love-somehow I think that child will need some serious therapy.Forest Whitaker came up with True Isabella Summer.MJ,we all know is a nut case so Prince Michael and Prince Michael the 2nd fits right in with his Royal Weirdness.But,what was Jermaine thinking of to come up with Jermajesty for his son?

If like me you were thinking it couldn't get worse-hold the thought for a second.You are about to enter the awesomely silly area.Jason Lee's son is Pilot Inspektor,David Duchovny came up with Kyd as if changing the spelling makes it any more appealing,Robert Rodriquez called his four sons Rebel,Rocket,Racer and Rogue.Can you imagine trying to ask a child named Rebel why he did something wrong? But,the award goes to Rob Morrow who decided to call his baby Tu.Now,put the first and last names together and you end up with Tu Morrow!.You know these names are horrible when even the Laquentas et al begin to look appealing.

People have to remember that children are not pets.
I know that for some people, this is a hard concept to grasp. Remembering to combine the first and last name to make sure you haven't saddled your child with a name they will have to put up with, and hate you for giving them, is important.
I had a teacher once whose name was Morris Coad...but my by far favourite crappy name for a person is....are you ready?
Mike Hunt.
The whole o dem parents deh sick! But most 'celebrities' are anyway. I would change my name if I was so abused by my parents!

I have a colleague who has a female patient named LESBIA.....when she saw the name on her card and was about to call it and tell her to come in to the office, she says she hesitsted and just clled the last name. Did not want any of the other patients waiting to give the unfortunate woman any funny stares.
I ein surprised about those names by those celebrities. It's just plain stupid. They actually forget that these children will eventually grow up and become adults with names like these. Imagine being 60yrs old and being called Alize or champagne, or some other stupid name.
I know a young girl with two girls, Rashondra & Rashanti..I said to her you know how much trouble those girls gonna have in school?.
*shakes my head* @ Mike Hunt.Btw,welcome to my blog Radmilla
Some folks I know:
David Snow
Michael Cope
Shannon Love
Paul Means

What's in a name, quiet a bit...
I had heard about most of those, but not Ving Rhames' and David Duchovny's kids.

Lil Mo and Jermaine Jackson should not have been allowed to be parents for this reason alone. Lil Mo named her first daughter Heaven. So now she has Heaven and God'!?!

I think Gwen Paltrow should be added to the list. She named her daughter Apple Allison Blythe.

And to think, back in the day people frowned on the Zappas for naming their kids Moon Unit, Dweezil, Ahmet Rodan, and Diva.
Now, how appealing are those names!?!?
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Thank you abeni :)

In honour of this post, I'm changing my name to Nunya Buznez or Amanda Hungankiss...which do you all like better?
For every time these kids get joked at school their parents should take a beat down.
Lol,nunya buznez can work
Yeh I saw that special and to be honest all I could do was smile and think that despite all their fame and wealth these people are essentially: "Functionally retarded" Granted though Tu Morrow had me rolling. Those kids will all have issues but the names are the least of their's the fact that their parents are retarded enough to use those names that will be the biggest stress not the teasing at school. It wont be shocking if some of these kids snap and go after their parents. Think about it Jermaine's kid has MJ for an uncle, Joe for a grandaddy and Latoya for an aunt. What chance does that kid have?
Well, I must say I got a few good laughs out of this one, both the posts and the comments. :-)
How about the name Amunique as in "am unique"? I had an ex who as a child was asked to name her niece and that's the name she came up with and horror of horrors her relatives decided to use it.
Shotta M...I'm glad to hear that she is an ex of yours...Lord knows what she might have decided to call your children if indeed the relationship stood the test of time.

Think I mentioned this one before...little black American girl introduces herself to my sister, "Hi, my name's Chocolate!" My poor sister could do no better than smile and say, "That's very nice!"
Yow, @ least y'all don't have to go thru life like Frank Zappa's daughter...Moon Unit Zappa. I kid you not, the girl's real name is Moon Unit
Y'all don't like those? How about:

Banjo (Son of actress Rachel Griffiths and Andrew Taylor)


Tiger Lily Heavenly Hirani (Daughter of Paula Yates & Michael Hutchense)


Audio Science (Son of Shannyn Sossamon)
Mi did tink seh Black people CHUPID when dem name dem chillren...but celebrities (both Black AND white) are just as fool-fool.
When I heard Toni Braxton's kids names I laughed my head off. DAMN FOOL.

AS well with Ginuwine and Sole. Dem name di pickney STORY. As in "book".

Wha di ass going on???

And that Gwyneth and name she pickney "Apple". She need a kick. If I were the kid, I would use my middle name (hers is Blythe).

I went to school with two East Indian boys...their names were CAPTAIN and MAJOR.

No joke. Their dad was a big time politican up yah so.
got a friend in the carolinas who says there are folks down there with the first name mister and sir actually come to think of it isnt allan iversons baby brother's name mister allen
Regarding the mus de money mek dem head tun eediat!
Check out the site

Funny freakin' site - and the names that people come up with - lord have mercy!
Ha! When I was choosing baby names me and hubby ran through every possible mispronounciation, misspelling and misappropriation of our selections. Hubby even tried them out in patois just to be sure. I was paranoid. I went through secondary school being called Rat Pwell (name is Raquel).

Check out this forum thread for other interesting celebrity baby names - both good and bad.
I don't know... My real name is Suzy... I didn't like it in high school... But nobody F's with me now...
demi moore/bruce willis' children have strange names too

one is something like Tullulah and the other is Rumer.
How about Dad picking the names Ima (I'm a), and Ura (you're a) for his twin girls. Mr. Pigg was so proud.
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