Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Wanted: Caribbean Live 8

Just recently the world watched a series of concerts that mobilised millons of people worldwide to focus on the poverty and deprivation that is taking part in the African continent.The Live 8 grouping hoped to get the world Leaders to realise the urgency needed to address the problems that continue to cripple Africa.

The African problem is simply not one of poverty but includes unfair trade practices,mounting debts as well as climate changes.And this is where the big guns that control the financial institutions can make their big impact.The Caribbean situation,while not wracked by civil war nor the the levels of poverty accompanied by starving images that we have come to associate with Africa has much in common with the African nations.

Let's not forget that as a region we are second only to the Sub Saharan region in HIV infection rates.Then there are the looming problems especially in the light of globalisation and removal of trade protection.The truth is our situation is fragile at best with an increasing dependence on the tourist sector.

All it takes is one hurricane to set back the struggling economies by decades.With this year's hurricane season already off to a busy start and the memories of last year's devastation still very fresh our fragility will be further exposed.We need to let the world know that the market for banana farmers is fast disappearing and our national debts are rising.We need to let them know that the traditional industries of sugar etc are struggling for survival and that we too are at the whim and fancies of the World powers.

Bob Geldof and company focus on us next.

Kami my dear, please don't hold your breath. According to the international powers that be...we in the Carribean don't exist, especially our small nations like SV&G, B'dos, Grenada, Antigua, ect. whoes population falls below half million. As for what we can offet, to them the few bananas, or whatever else crops we have don't amount to the abundance of natural resources that can be found on the African continent. In other words, we don't have anything they want, so they are not interested in us. We in the Carribean have to mobilize for ourselves, if we are to survive in this era of globalization.
while not wracked by civil war nor the the levels of poverty accompanied by starving images
Can you say HAITI?

Anyways, its the same thing I was wondering bout the other day.
Well,you know Haiti is like a stepchild.Lots of Caribeean people very dismissive of Haiti as the obeah place so they really not as supportive as they should be.But it needs a few Anglophone Haitis to get more people talking.
What about South Asia???
geldof and live8 actually do something besides hold a crappy concert? chupse! live8 aint mek no difference ta a fella. but as camp say we aint gettin no lve 8 anyways cause we doan count fa nuttin.

cold war dun an we aint no terrorist havens except maybe tnt if we want sum sorta recognition we wud got to go align ourselves with china or north korea or something so
The Caribbean is a fragile region Kami. I agree...most of our nations do not have strong economies. We only jus recovering from the effects of Ivan last year...and didn't get the full blow here in Ja.

Another problem I think that accounts for the Caribbean's problems is a lack of unity between the various territories...despite CARICOM....the fact that we are all separated by sea adds to this. Were we one large country(island) I think we would be more of a force to reckon with. As for Haiti....I don't know what to say.

Hope Emily doesn't do you all too badly. I just went and bought some water at the supermarket in case she decides she doh like us here in Jamaica. Dr. D.
I'd have the same problem with the concept of a C'bean Live 8 as I had with the African fund raiser; who's going to make sure that this money doesn't go down the proverbial crap hole?
well curroption is bad in the Caribbean, but I think there is enough accountability here for most of any such money gained to be put to proper use.
Hey Abeni! Wha Emily do you girl?

Emily was well behaved.I didn't even know she was in tell you how low keyed she was.I spent most of the night talking to my friends in Grenada.Anything happen to Lucia?
Glad dat Emily spared you. Hope she does the same for Jamaica.
"well curroption is bad in the Caribbean, but I think there is enough accountability here for most of any such money gained to be put to proper use"

Well shotta M, as long as they didnt give the money to Big Bird everything criss
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