Thursday, July 14, 2005



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The growing storm, with 90 mph (145 kph) winds, pounded nearby Grenada, where residents were still trying to rebuild from the devastation of Hurricane Ivan last September.

Emily's passage near Grenada piled on the misery for the 90,000 residents of the spice island, where Ivan caused about $2.2 billion in damage last September, more than double Grenada's annual economic output.The storm damaged or destroyed 90 percent of the housing stock and many people are still doing repairs.

I gather that most of the damage done by Emily was mainly in the northern part of the island(Sauteurs etc).Thankfully,this storm did not leave the devastation that Ivan did.But,am sure Grenadians will agree that even the mildest of storms is too much for them to cope with.

Keep the faith my southern neighbours and know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

We're still waiting for details of the damage caused.
Later this evening should have more news on exactly how much damage was suffered.But based on what our PM had to say this morning it sounds as if there is a fair amount of repair work to be done.
I feel for them in the Spice Island. They just have to be resilient and continue to rebuild. Dr. D.
sa on ying yang's site that she lost her temporary roof. man grenada just getting too much liks these days
Wow that is tragic. Hang in there, I hope there will be better times ahead.
wish everyone there and here is doing ok . I know what hurricanes and storms can do. It is nature's bad luck.
As much as Grenada was affected, it still feared decent as Emily is now a Cat 4 hurricane. just imagine if it was such when it passed over Grenada.
Thats right Campfyah. You got to look on the bright side as it will take strength to recover.
Emily please stay away from Jamaica. As "Dr. D" says your not invited, please don't crash the party.
Buh Bye..catch you on the flipside of Emily
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