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Take the case of Natalee Holloway,who some one referred to as a slut for going off with three young men.While I don't think she is as perfect as the media are making her out to be I don't consider her to be a slut.It was'nt very smart of her to go off with three strangers but I can understand how it could have possibly happened.I remember going to a party in St Lucia and leaving to walk on the beach with a young man.Now,I had met him prior to the party but I really did not know him well enough to be going off any place with him.But of course there was this false illusion(in my 17 yr old brain) that having met him before that I knew him somewhat and was therefore safe.Who is to say that I couldn't have had a tragic end? The fact is I would have made a gamble and survived without the situation getting out of my control.She,on the other hand for displaying similarly poor judgement probably paid the ultimate price.

So what is it about a woman that contributes to her being called a slut? Is it a specific type of behaviour or is it just something that you cannot put your finger on? For some people a slut is a woman who has had "too many" sexual partners although of course you won't get many people agreeing on what is the acceptable figure.On the other side of the coin the man with many conquests is considered a stud.Even though there is this big sexual revolution where men and women are encouraged to be open about their sexuality,the woman still runs the risk of being labelled.For others a slut is someone who dresses a particular way and the descriptions go on and on.Somehow,it seems to me that we are too quick to characterise persons as being sluts when for the most part their only sin is having different sexual mores than ours.

I agree; I don't think she was very smart for taking off with strangers, but that doesn't make her a slut either. I think women will always have to deal with that label when it comes to having multiple partners.

It's so unfotunate the poor judgment people making when traveling. Apart of me wants to believe that she is still alive, but I guess we have to continue waiting and watching to see what happens next.
Yeah you're right her judgement was poor in this occurance and she may have paid for it with her life. But can we use this "poor judgement label" to separate ourselves from this tragedy? I think not. The truth is that many of us are guilty of making poor decisions over the span of our lives and luckily we live to learn from them or to never contemplate what danger we really put ourselves in.

As for the slut thing. It is sad that sexual promiscuity can be used as such an important judgement of character, and that it is dealt in such an uneven nature to the actions of men and women. While saying all that I am unfortunetly bound to the stereotypical notions of sexual promiscuity held by society, as liberal as my discourse, I find that my feelings towards a girl can be affected by these labels, I feel as if I've been programed by society, from youth, to be that way.
I for one have no difficulty applying the label to men as well.
lol, nothing wrong with that, power to you...

A touchy suject Kami...don't think women will ever win this one.
I have stopped following this case....Dennis and terrorist attacks in London overshadowded it on CNN anyway ...(like I say, they decide what is news.)

Her judgement may well have been clouded by alcohol as well. I do agree that going off with three men makes her no slut, and yes I agree that the more women a man sleeps with makes him appear to his peers more masculine. Society is to blame for this.

I don't think she's alive. Just another unfortunate case...which may well end up unsolved. Dr. D.
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