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Yesterday,I went into Kingstown to do some shopping.As I was walking up the street I saw this young girl coming towards me dressed in a micro mini and a top that was a little longer in length than a bra.Now,she looked fine and everything but she definitely was not more than 13 years old.You know am actually beginning to feel old because 12 years ago when I was 13 my style of dress did not go beyond jeans and tshirts.

It makes me wonder where are the parents/adults that allowed their young daughter/charge to leave the house dressed like that.I am aware that some parents/guardians wear very little themselves but they are supposed to be in a better position to deal with the advances/comments their style of dress will attract.

And that young lady surely attracted many looks and comments as she went about her business.Some people will look at her as a sexy young thing while on the other end she may be viewed as sluttish for her choice of dress.Call me old fashioned but either way it is not a characterisation that should be used to describe an early teen.Mind you am aware of the societal pressures to conform and the dress trend as seen in the media etc is an emphasis on skin.It must be pretty confusing growing up in these times which is why the role of adults should not be compromised.

For real. The young are growing up way too fast now-a-days and forsaking the simple pleasures of youth that people like me yearn to revisit.
dat is jail bait right there. is a shame that parents dont be more strict in what they allow their children to wear
Kami, fuh all you know she parents migh be just as old as you or younger and dressing de same way.

But you doing good seeing dem dress dat way at 12/13...down here it's much younger. De parents got de lil 5/6 yrs olds dress up in heels, micro minis and even nail polish.
That is so wrong.Why you want to rob the children of their childhood..stupes
I think that the content via tv via life that a modern child is exposed too makes it a fight to convince a child not to grow up too fast. 13 year old girls want guys to be drooling over them instead of to be playing with barbie dolls. How to address such a problem, I don't know, it goes beyond micro minis.
Seems that that is what modern society dictates. Always potraying sex or sexiness. No maybe about it...yuh getting old :)
Scratch, if Kami gettin old, den I mussi a living fossil!

You mus see dem inna de States, likkle girl pickney going school wid handbag etc...ketch dem at the mall.

Sometimes the parents may not even see what they wearing...leave home reasonably dressed...carry the skin showy outfits in dem bag and change after dem lef de yard.

I not a parent yet, but it was never easy business...and even less easy nowadays IMHO! Dr. D.
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