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Cheat on your girl at your own risk aka as Break ups from Hell

hahahahahahaha .... alrighty then...
wow...that's vicious.
Good grief! I usually confine myself to sticking pins in voodoo dolls.:/
wrong..just plain wrong
Those are pretty funny...

The worst I had heard of concerned a guy who was living with a woman for a number of years. Somehow the woman found out that the guy had another woman with her and indeed, he was going to be marrying her in two weeks.

She didn't say anything to the guy. He continued living with her just the same. Still, she started to defecate & urinate in a bucket instead of on the throne as usual.

She kept this bucket hidden and she defecated & urinated in it daily. Of course, the stuff in the bucket stayed there and fermented and marinated and whatever.
On the guys wedding day, he left out without saying anything to her still!

She dressed herself up nicely and secreted the bucket in her car and she drove to the church. When the guy came to the church, dressed to the nines, she doused him with the contents of the bucket.

Of course, this is one of those stories that you hear but cannot verify the facts, but if its true, the guy deserved it, bigtime!
This is so sad what about the one with the guy whose gfriend took everything in the house the carpets even the toilet seat and his friends all know about it we could be so mean sometimes.
Oh well....I guess if you must...
If you treat people like sh*te, there's no telling what even the quietest, sweetest person is capable of doing if pushed.
Cheat, betray and lie, and take your chances (and your lumps).
too funny....i love it!
omg, so funny...great idea though!!!
there's a thin line between love and hate
Oh wow!!! I can't believe someone would really do that! lol
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