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Natasha's fall from grace

“I think persons who take drugs….you know…..should be banned….because that is cheating….you know,” said St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ premier female sprinter and Olympian, Natasha Mayers.This was in an interview, just minutes before boarding a flight at the E. T Joshua Airport at the end of a one-week visit home, a few months ago.

During the short trip, Mayers visited schools where reports said she spoke to children about the dangers of using illegal drugs and the need to work hard to achieve.

Reports say months after making these statements, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Sports Personality for 2004, has been tested positive for a banned substance in out- of- competition testing, at her home in California.

For her transgression, Mayers has been slapped with a mandatory two-year suspension, by Team Athletics St. Vincent and the Grenadines.Keith Joseph, President of SVG Athletics said the world ranked sprinter tested positive for the banned drug, Testosterone on 21 April 2005 and the IAAF informed Team Athletics SVG on May 31st

Ms Mayers responded to the IAAF through Team Athletics SVG indicating that she understood the Rules and the implications of her violation. She claimed that it is my desire to learn from this incident and serve an appropriate suspension. I apologise for allowing this to happen and look forward to returning to competition in the future”, he added.

Joseph said following receipt of Mayers’ response, Team Athletics SVG immediately suspended her, provisionally, under the Rules of its Constitution that are the same as those of the IAAF in respect of Doping Control. He said the IAAF will rule on the matter shortly.

Reports say Mayers had a level of close to nine - more than twice the legal amount of testosterone permitted in the body.

Mayers 24, secured the coveted title, Sports Personality of the Year based on her outstanding performances on the international circuit last year. Reports say Mayers, who became a professional athlete in 2004, was able to compete against and out-performed some of the world renowned names in the 100 Metres event for 2004, to the point where she was ranked in the top ten women by the IAAF.

She also made it to the Quarter- final round in the 100 meters at the 28th edition of the Olympic Games, held in Athens, 2004. She was however forced out of the Games because of an injury, which she sustained.

Natasha Mayers who is currently based in the USA is expected to return to action in June 2007.

Glenford Prescott,writing in this week's newspaper.

Double the amount of testorone? So whe the picture dem deh? What, don't she look like a transvestite?
Di drug ting sad, nowadays you haffi wonda whether its people or drugs running those impressive times out there.
Its really sad you wonder what kind of pressure these athletes are under to consider putting stuff into their system that could harm them in the long run is it worth it in the end.
Last time I saw her she did not look masculine but I haven't seen any recent pics.These days I hardly get excited about records etc because you just never know who is clean.Unfortunately, the clean ones also have to carry the suspicious tag
I hope Asafa is clean, his record has brought inspiration to many.
professional atheletics nowadays is just that, competing in the sport for the money and prestige, it has nothing much to do with the love of the game.
So athelets doing any and everything to gain the top prize even if it means compromising dem health. It's sad, but true...
that is a crying shame. I used to think one time is just the bigcountry fellas that tekkin these drugs but it look like it filtering down. I have my suspicions about some of the male sprinters from the caribbean, no not asafa but some other fellas.
It's disappointing that these phenoms feel pressured to get juiced, and I worry not just over the invalidation of sporting events but also over the dangerous message being taught to up-and-coming athletes. One is hard pressed to explain to children why performance enhancing drugs are wrong when their heros are users.
Nowadays the athletes are under so much pressure because there are so many who are cheating, like Marion Jones who have undetectable drugs in their system. This leaves all the other athletes one alternative and that is to cheat also or loose. How can you race a machine, you can't failure is then inevitable. I understand that drugs is the nature of most games today unfortunately, thast is hust how it is thus cheating is now neccesary if you want to become a winner, nearly all of the top players are cheating n-e-ways, THIS IS HOW THEY EAT.
Hi Exactly as you say.
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