Friday, July 01, 2005



Term ends officially today and you can tell am a happy camper.The marks remain their usual disappointing selves while the promotion pass mark keeps getting lower and lower.God help us with these students we are turning out as part of the Ministry of Education's "In,Up Out" Programme.

Carnival will climax these wkend with the more popular shows and fetes beginning this Friday night.Wednesday night was the Glow Fete at the Park and one of my good friends went and I went to a Graduation dinner/ball.Anyway,Thursday morning Miss Thing walks into my house all bleary eyed,wild hair and looking more dead than alive.It turns out that she got so drunk at the show that she had to be brought home although she has no recollection of walking out the gates.Later on she found out that she was carried out by two guys her friend had to recruit to get her out of there.Now she dying of embarrassment because as rule she does not drink but in her defense claims that the guys were buying her drinks which she did not want to refuse.Even in our mid to late twenties peer pressure is still a helluva thing.

Am sorry I missed her "performance" as it would have been good for months/years of teasing.But,she got to count her lucky stars that she happened to be with friends who were decent enough to not take advantage of her drunkenness.It sure won't have been funny had she woken up in some strange place a victim of rape.As young women we really have to guard against putting ourselves in situations where we are not in control.Have a good time but know your limits wrt to alcohol and whatever else suits your fancy.Enjoy the wkend,peeps.

Drunk is not a condition you want to be in in today's societies. Glad she was in good company. Enjoy your weekend Kami.
and btw, don't speak to me until you go back to work....yuh on vacation while we slaving over desk......unfair
Why is it that the passes are getting worse though? This is not something that the Caribbean can afford. What are our kids going to do? The future of the Caribbean is looking bleak indeed! :-(
tell ya friend she best be more careful
She's damn lucky she was with good people. Safe revelling. :)
You have a civic responsability to card the hell out of her. One so that she may be doesn't get that twisted again and two because thats what friends are for, to tease tha devil out of you :)
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