Sunday, July 17, 2005


How strong is your love?

This morning at church the theme of the service was centred around love and loving one another as God himself loved us.Following up on this the minister asked for a show of hands from those who were willing to die for someone.Not a hand went up.The minister asked in what sounded like disbelief if none of us were willing to die for another person and still the hands stayed down.Then she expressed surprised that not even one person demonstrated a willingness to try.

From my view point we were just being brutally honest.Sure,some of us try to be our brother's keeper and to be caring to those we come into contact with.Then,there are people within our inner circle that we love very much and would do almost anything for.The death of some of those persons may even make one not want to go on.But,if asked to make the ultimate sacrifice I don't think many of us would.Maybe it is selfishness,just the way we are made or that we value our own life more.

In any event,would any of you die for someone?

I think many parents would be willing to die for their children...particular when they are young and still vulnerable.

Having met my newborn neice I think if given the choice between my life and hers, I may well give mine up so that she could live. She's so young, so innocent. I've lived plenty of my best days already.

Having said all that, its a tough decision to make on the spur of the moment.
yep, i'm willing to die for a very very short list of folks no question.
I'm willing to risk my life for a few people. They key word being "risk" because when the odds are 100% certainty of death it is so much harder. If not given too much time to think about it, even in that situation I may give my life up. After all people die for animals. Some drivers swerve to avoid stray dogs and end up killing themselves.
Hey just showin' luv ;)
I think my hand would have stayed down too. But maybe for my niece and nephew. Who knows really? If that time comes, then you'll make the decision. Then you can let the minister know !
Wife and children yes...reality is you just don't know. Faced with a situation you tend to do things you would not agree to under normal circumstances so I guess the possibility is that I would...or wouldn't.
Yes. I can count them on one hand with fingers left over, but yes.
Da pasta gyal deh a fool? Wah she tek man fah? She nuh know seh we a capitalist and in our world its all about self preservation.
Ain't that the truth B,art:)
It can be harder to live for someone...

Did the minister put her hand up?

I would risk death to save the life of just about anyone... If I felt I had a fair chance of survival (and I am fairly confident in my mad skilz)

I would face certain death without balking for only 2, but only I would know why...
With some minor hesitation for a handful more...

Why did she not also ask who were willing to kill for someone? Or was it a rhetorical question.
I was thinking that killing for someone would have gotten some hands.No,she didn't put up her hand so I figure we were to take it that she would.
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