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Am not a big fan of them because persons tend to use them in place of dropping a few lines. Therefore, I generally ask my friends to be very selective in what they send to my email. In other words, only forward me something that is very interesting/humorous and for the most part I don't have a grouse with the few I receive.

However,lately I have been receiving a lot of spiritual based ones.Well,am not a heathen or anything and some of them are actually quite uplifting and inspiring.But the ones that irritate me are those that end by saying "If you love God forward to 5 persons and receive a blessing etc".How different is this from those chain letters that used to terrify you with death threats or some horrible disaster if you don't send a certain amount at a specific time?

I call it spiritual blackmail because God's love is unconditional and these emails force you to operate out of guilt or fear.Well,I just read and delete so no blessings for me and probably hell is waiting for me for my disobedient acts.Somehow,I doubt it

OMG I so agree what it up with that? I never forward those they are so annoying.I wish my friends would stop sending me those.
That is so true. I too was once facing eternal damnation and all sorts of other horrible fates because I'd delete those type of e-mails when I recieved them. But luckily I recieved a special e-mail foward that absolved me from all of that and cancelled all my previous curses. Of course I deleted that one too.
Kami, I'll join you on that path to eternal hell. I purposely tend to delete those that insit I fwd them. But the ones that really get to me comes from a friend of mine that don't know when last they saw the front doors of a church farless the pews. But still yet, they send these fwds telling me of the spirtual blessings yadda, yadda, yadda. I'm always tempted to write and ask, do you pratice what you fwd?
Cho, I am so tired of those e-mails myself....come now, why would someone really believe that you get blessings if you forward a stupid message--it's almost as bad as going to church and hearing the pastor say that the larger your offering the better your chances of getting into heaven (I've heard that one somewhere).
I just forward my "gouranga" spam mail to them. There's nothing like Hare Krishna mail to leave people in appropriate states of confusion.
Well, hate to say it, but based on the dictionary I am a heathen, lol. I guess that's why every time I get one of these I automatically delete it without reading it. I mean, who asked you to send me that in the first place? I have been getting this on my cell too. I know they can be uplifting but why send them all the time?

Bloghopping. Interesting blog. ;-)
just letting you know I think I got the link to my song working.

You can hear it at:
Well, is not me alone that may feel hellfire for deleting and not forwarding either.
I agree and think the same thing...oh well I guess I'll jolin you in hell! It should be good company!
Recently, someone forwarded a "send this to 5 people in the next 10 minutes.." and I deleted it, shortly after I received an email from someone who had received it (I guess he had hit the reply to all) and it was a long scathing letter about how it was akin to bullying people, especially the ones that threaten that something bad will happen if you don't forward...he encouraged all who read his email to delete and let people know that they didn't want those kinds of emails.

Personally, I always erase the "Forward to 5 people" part because I hate being pressured to forward something I may not want to, and certainly refuse to put pressure on others to do it either.
I always delete those things.

Fortunately I dont have many friends, and they don't do the Forwards bizniz.
ditto..ditto ditto ditto
Don't worry dahlin' if by some error of accounting you get sent to the bad place... I'll take very good care of you...

Forward this comment to 10 people or your spleen will fall out... holding you to that promise:)
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