Monday, July 18, 2005


Dead men tell no tales

A casket sent from St Vincent and the Grenadines is apparently causing much concern to law enforcement authorities in Grenada.

Reports from Grenada suggest that when authorities there did checks on the casket which was intransit there from this country,they found much more than the body of the deceased.There was apparently a quantity of cocaine stashed away inside the casket.

The deceased-a German national died on the Grenadine island of Union Island and his body was attended to by undertakers here and prepared for shipping back to Germany.However,checks by the Grenadian authorities discovered the drug in the casket's lining.

Investigations are currently underway in both islands to discover at what point the drug may have been placed in the coffin.But even though there was a body and the drug, investigation of the crime is proving not to be too simple,since,afterall,"dead men tell no tales"

going to be hard to figure that one out if they dont have fingerprints
That sound so much like a Jamaican story. I realize more and more that the Caribbean Islands have whole heap more in common than sea and sand.
True words Scratch.

They question the funeral parlour who prepared the body yet Kami?

If the dead man does decide to talk, let us know how it turns out.
Conjur(sp) up some other spirits (no, whites dont count)to ask him what happened. (My cornyness amuses me sometimes :) )

p.s. Kamy why u have my link wrong in ur blog list? its "" not "blogs2" zeen.

Peace - Out
B..sometimes I have a vision problem but I'll correct it.
Yup,from all reports the funeral home had their questioning.
I think that kid in the movie "The sixth Sense" is a lucky guy. He has dead people to tell his secrets to.
Just letting everyone know that I'm gay and I'm coming out of the closet
Hmmm, seems someone (by the name Mr. Mystic) has been busy appropriating my name and outing me from the closet. I didn't even know I had a closet to jump into.

Interesting, anybody can go onto a blog as someone else and say whatever they like. I won't stoop to that level though.
Maybe Mr Mystic is trying to tell the world something
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